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Dairren is on a quest to stop Gaul from releasing The Dark Master from his prison in Convexity using Four elemental crystals, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. And once he is free, stop Malefor from covering the world of Akerah in a great shadow.

Dairren: A dragon who seeks out his mysterious origins. His journey will take him to many places in the quest to find out about his people. This quest will also bring about the return of an ancient evil.

Arwen: Princess of the elves, Arwen acts as the archer of the group. She has made it her sworn duty to help Dairren on his quest.

Orion: Eldest of the party, Orion serves as Dairren's mentor. He also serves as the guardian to Dimension X.

Eleanor: Dairren's elder sister who faced and defeated the evil Dark Master several centuries ago. She is a strong and compassionate woman with a strong sense of justice and has come to aid her younger brother on his quest on discovering his origins.

Aidan: He is a young boy who is Eleanor's close companion. Although he is a wisecracking teen, Aidan can be very serious, especially when concerning the threat of the Dark Master.

Hannah: Daughter of Skabb, she aspires to be an explorer rather than a pirate like her father wants. She joins Dairren to make her dreams reality.

The Assassin: Leader of Gaul's forces, the Assassin is someone to watch out for. He raids the Dragon Temple during the night with several other of his master's forces.

Gaul: The Dark Master's most devoted henchman. He schemes to release Malefor from his Convexity Prison. He is also cunning and devious, coming up with underhanded tactics to hinder Dairren and Eleanor.

Captain Skabb: Captain of the Fellmuth, Skabb is one fearsome pirate. He is also the father of the Hannah.

The Dark Master/Malefor: Evil incarnate. Malefor is haughty, wicked, and with no trace of conscience nor compassion. Terrifying and demonic, he is feared by almost everyone.

Other Characters
Biggs and Wedge

Opening: "Opening" by Nobuo Uematsu
Overworld: "Twilight Landscape" by Nobuo Uematsu
Final Boss: "Bringer of Darkness" by Nobuo Uematsu
Ending: "Until We Meet Again" by Nobuo Uematsu

1. Greenwick
2. Wolf's Land
3. Dante's Freezer
4. Fogshore
5. The Hidden Den
6. Mystic Mountain
7. Westergold
8. Shattered Vale
9. Well of Souls
10. Twilight Falls
11. Newice
12. Corrosion Armory
13. Warfang
14. Battalion Tomb
15. Blackcrest
16. The Riverfront
17. Gaul's Hideout
18. Vivid Forest
19. Belldale
20. The Burned Lands
21. Malefor's Lair
Final Fantasy XVI
And here we go.

The big surprise has been unveiled. This is my fan creation, and I hope it becomes reality someday.
The Mystic Purples
The Mystic Purples are the most magically potent of all dragons. They have the ability to learn and master nearly every single element and spell in existence. Dairren, Bahamut, Malefor are Mystic Purples, and because their species is the rarest, they are the only known Mystic Purples in modern times. The Mystic Purples are a benevolent and lawful good race, they prefer peace over violence.

They originated from Carvis, one of the Outer Planes. When the Mystic Purples appeared in Akerah long ago, the Empire of the Arculets did not take kindly to these trespassers. Eventually the Mystic Purples liberated the land from the Arculet Empire, however what they didn't expect was that they would be forced into hiding by Lord Abidos.

They went down in legend as the saviors of Akerah. Currently they are stuck in another dimension.

The First Purple Dragon
There was once a purple dragon, whose powers knew no limits. When he did not stop his endless training, the elders exiled him out of fear. Fleeing to the Outlands in anger, the dragon plotted his revenged against his former masters and against all of dragonkind. Upon meeting a tribe of Apes, he taught the secrets of the crystals to use to their benefits. While his base on the mountain was being built, the now Dark Master waged war on the dragons for years.

Eventually he came to realize that his destiny was to destroy the world, and to do that he intended to summon to Destroyer and the Golems of the Deep.. But he was stopped, prevented from completing his quest.

In the end, Malefor was defeated and he was imprisoned in the Well of Souls and and his essence was sealed within the Convexity Dimension.
Biographical information
Full name: Lailah (Vessel name: Melissa Hale)
Born: Unknown
Residence: Heaven

Physical information
Species: Angel
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 114 lbs
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Blue

Alignment and character traits:
Alignment: Lawful Good
Likes: The night
Dislikes: Demons, Crowley

Family: Castiel, Gabriel, all the other angels
Allies: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Enemies: Crowley, Metatron, Lucifer

Personality: She is a silent and stoic angelic being, but warms up to anyone who gets to know her a little better.
She does care about her brothers and sisters deep down, and would go out of her way to help them in dire emergencies.

Abilities: Lailah possesses the typical powers of an angel. Much like Castiel, she's able smite demons, use telekinesis, teleport and transport others and herself through time.

Unlike other angels though, she also has power over the night with it being her specialty.

You'll have to ask her that.
Lailah - Profile Picture and Biograpghy
Lailah is owned and created by me.

Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, and Crowley are owned and created by The CW.
Name: Mateus Palamecia
Pronunciation: Ma-ta-us Pala-me-see-ah
Nicknames: The Emperor, Emperor of Hell, Light Emperor
Gender: Male
Age: 34 (Immortal)
Birthday: February 24
Nationality: The Palamecian Empire
Religion: Himself
City/town of birth: The Palamecian Empire
Currently lives: The Palamecian Empire
Languages Spoken: English, Demonic
Native language: English
Relationship status: In a partnership with Ultimecia

Height: 6'
Weight: 157 lb
Figure/build: lean
Hair color: golden blonde
Eye color: mauve
Skin color: pale
Tattoos: none
Piercings: none
Preferred style of clothing: The Emperor wears golden armor with purple robes underneath. His hair is blond and spiked, with an extra-long ponytail, and purple ombre at the tip of the side bangs. His head is adorned with multiple tiny sapphires, emeralds, opaques, and rubies. Black and white stripes trace his ribs on his chestplate, and demonic looking faces embellish his waist and back. His gauntlets sport extended claws. The Emperor wears purple makeup on his eyes and lips, and a purple crown depicting a serpent. He has at times worn a darker outfit, with a hairstyle that resembles a pair of demonic horns. This outfit exposes his hands, which have long fingernails painted black with golden lines, as well as rings on his middle and index fingers of his left hand. The pair of horns have golden ornaments as well as a crown with circular rubies.

Addictions: Power
Allergies: None, but he would say peasants just to show
Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Power hungry, racist, misanthrope and narcissistic

Personality: Being the ruler of Palamecia, the Emperor is arrogant, intelligent and manipulative. He addresses his enemies politely, but is quick to call them insects or worms. His arrogance leads him to refuse to personally fight his enemies unless they prove themselves by defeating his minions. He is a misanthrope, harboring a hatred of humanity, declaring humanity to have a flawed sense of justice and having forsaken love, and being inherently violent. He views himself as the only one capable of ruling as Emperor. The Emperor is implied to be skilled with developing advanced weaponry, as the Dreadnought airship was implied to have been developed by him.

There are subtle personality differences between the Emperor's different incarnations in the mortal world and the afterlives. The Dark Half is destructive to the point of no longer caring about merely ruling the Palamecian Empire, seeking to destroy the world with the powers he gained upon his return from Hell.

In Dissidia Final Fantasy the Emperor's personality from Final Fantasy II is expanded on. He is calm and never loses control of his emotions, as he believes his plan will succeed without fail. His intelligence is demonstrated when he formulates the plan to kill Cosmos for good and end the war in Chaos's favor using the Crystals. He is treacherous, creating dark crystals to ensure his own survival, having anticipated that Chaos would attempt to commit suicide when killing Cosmos. Despite this, he vows to return as long as Chaos lives upon being defeated. Mateus abhors nihilistic viewpoints, evidenced by his reaction when Garland compares him with Kefka. He had an interest in Terra Branford, as the aforementioned conversation had him expressing disappointment that Terra was going to be commanded by Kefka again, and in the previous cycle, he offered to have Terra come under his command after Kefka had trouble regaining control over her due to Kuja's actions.
Likes: Overthrowing gods, himself
Dislikes: Resistance, The Wild Rose Rebellion, Humans
Fear/phobias: Being overthrown
Favorite color: Gold, purple
Hobbies: Conquering, ruling
Taste in music: Classical

Talents/skills: Magic, Military leadership, a master schemer

Omnivore/carnivore/herbivore: Omnivore
Favorite foods: Sweets, ham, fish
Favorite drinks: Wine and tea
Disliked foods: Anything common people eat
Disliked drinks: What common people drink

Level of education: very high education

Describe the character's house/home: He lives in his fancy castle with gold and art and so on.
Significant/special belongings: Crown, scepter and well half the land he owns.

Abilities: Even before he crowns himself Emperor of Hell, Mateus is incredibly powerful, able to create cyclones destructive enough to devastate entire towns and lift one of his castles to use as a mobile fortress. He casts strong Lightning-elemental spells and uses a variety of protection spells, such as Protect, Wall, Shell, Haste and Blink. The opening FMV included in the PlayStation version of Final Fantasy II implies the Emperor can manipulate the tide of battle via energy from his fingertips, even when he isn't directly at the battlefield.

Upon his death, and eventual rebirth, he gains the ability to summon Pandaemonium to the surface world as well as a slew of new demonic powers. His physical attacks have a drain effect, allowing him to steal lifeforce from enemies to replenish himself and heal injuries. His physical strikes sometimes poison or stun whom they strike. He still uses his Thunder spell and has gained a high level Flare attack and the original Meteor spell, Starfall. The Emperor is nigh invincible to most physical attacks unless it's against the Blood Sword or the attacker is augmented by Haste or Temper. In the novelization of Final Fantasy II, Mateus is strong enough to defeat Satan in battle, and sold his soul to him for the power to summon demons from Hell.

In Dissidia Final Fantasy, the Emperor's list of powers expands. He can produce magnetic energy mines, focus explosive magical energy on his staff, and create Lightning-elemental crests that fire projectiles or ensnare enemies, alluding to his original incarnation's powers. He also has the power of telekinesis.

Parents names: Airu (mother)
Parents dead/alive: Both are dead
Siblings: N/a
Partner/spouse: Ultimecia
Children: Dustin (adopted)
Allies (Whom are but tools): Chaos, Garland, Jecht, Kefka, Sephiroth, Golbez, Malefor
Enemies (Mere insects): Cosmos, Firion, Kain Highwind, Cloud Strife, Squall Leonhart, Terra Branford, Cecil Harvey, Dairren
The Emperor's Bio
If you would like to use Mateus for one of your fanfics, you may.


Emperor Mateus is copyright to Square Enix.
I will bring about the great cleansing.
This world will be torn apart!
Can you resit the darkness?
You look so weary.

Vs Opponent
Bikke: What great devil ye be.
Garland: Do you think you can defeat the great Garland?
Minwu: I may need Ultima for this.
Emperor Mateus: You haven't seen the true power of Hell!
Rydia: Eidolons fear your name.
Baigan: Y-you're mad!
Dustin Palazzo: You're just a giant dragon, nothing too major.
Kefka Palazzo: Great minds think alike!
Barret Wallace: I will save the planet from you.
Rufus Shinra: Shinra will stop you.
Lenne: You're much worse than an Aeon.
Shuyin: What do you suggest, an alliance?!
Sazh Katzroy:
Cid Raines: I see you have accepted your fate.
The Adventurer: I have witnessed the end enough.
Gaius Van Baelsar: I will defend the empire from this beast.
Noctis Caelum: That's one massive dragon.
Idola Aldercapt: How about a business proposal?
Dairren: I refuse to believe those words.
Malefor: So it seems we have an imposter.
Bryce Bennett: It's dragons like you I hate!
Aqua: My gracefulness will put a stop to you.
Cosmos: I will put a stop to this.
Chaos: Prepare to witness your worst nightmares.
Slenderman: Destroy the world but leave my forest untouched.

Vs Player
Bikke: You ship shall be ravaged.
Garland: Your armor shall be melted.
Minwu: Darkness shall conquer light.
Emperor Mateus: Mateus, we can rule together.
Rydia: They have every right to.
Baigan: Submit yourself to my will.
Dustin Palazzo: There is no preventing destruction.
Kefka Palazzo:  So we shall jumpstart a cataclysm.
Barret Wallace: You think that will effect me?
Rufus Shinra: You will know fear.
Lenne: Have you the guts to face the Dark Master?
Shuyin: I will use that weapon for my schemes.
Sazh Katzroy: Come and fight, human.
Cid Raines: Fate means to destroy all things.
The Adventurer: This battle shall be your death.
Gaius Van Baelsar: I will teach you the meaning of terror.
Noctis Caelum: I am the pintacle of power!
Idola Aldercapt: I forever stand alone.
Dairren: Your destiny is to destroy the world.
Malefor: So it seems we have an imposter.
Bryce Bennett: Pitiful human knight.
Ariana: I am the superior being.
Aqua: That blade must be eliminated.
Vanitas: Ah, a demon like myself.
Cosmos: Your light will be snuffed out.
Chaos: We'll see who is more terrifying.
Slenderman: Destruction means everything.

You are absolutely no match for me.
Absolutely pathetic.
Now you are going to perish.
I am indestructible!

This cannot be.
What is this?
Dissidia Sextus: Malefor Quotes
So here's quotes for Malefor for Dissidia Sextus, totally different from the other ones I have for him.

More to come in the future. Happy reading.
I got thinking about it, and decided to show a small piece of Twisted in Time. So without further ado, here it is.

Princess Alys: "A dragon...? I never thought I would actually meet one, having thought they were just a myth from the stories I heard as a child. But at least I know they really aren't. It's such a high honor to meet you! I'll start by introducing myself. I am Alys, the Princess of Fairwater."

Princess Alys: "Dad, Spyro helped saved the kingdom. We owe him our sincerest gratitude."

There will also be a major plot twist in Twisted in Time, and it's about one of the characters.
It will be very shocking indeed.
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Hope you all enjoy what you read, much effort was spent on it.

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