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I will teach you the meaning of terror.
Evil is a power that you shall not underestimate.
I am the pintacle of power!
Have you the guts to face the Dark Master?
This battle shall be your death.

Malefor vs. Opponent
Warrior of Light: The light will not be enough to help you.
Garland: Your armor will be crushed.
Firion: All those weapons will fail to be a match.
The Emperor: Destruction will overule domination.
Onion Knight: How brave, yet so foolish, child.
Cloud of Darkness: You are but a mere cloud, begone.
Cecil: Torn between two sides, that will soon change.
Kain: I will see to it your downfall is nigh.
Golbez: Redemption will not save you from evil.
Bartz: No matter how much you wander, you cannot escape.
Exdeath: The Void will not contain me forever.
Terra: Yes, let absolute power consume you.
Dustin: Eventually you will return to the darkness.
Kefka: I am more powerful than you'll ever be.
Cloud: I will break your resolve, human.
Sephiroth: My power is greater than that of an angels.
Squall: You and your realm will be doomed.
Ultimecia: Not even time has any power over me.
Zidane: You have no chance of succeeding.
Kuja: I am eternal, death will not be my end.
Tidus: I will make you cease to exist.
Yuna: Feeble beasts shall be dealt with swiftly.
Jecht: Everything will not be enough.
Shantotto: I have had centuries to perfect my powers.
Prishe: Apocalyptic child, you will join me.
Vaan: The sky will rain a torrent of fire and ash.
Gabranth: My hatred far surpasses that of yours.
Lightning: You will be reduced to nothing.
Dairren: We share other qualities than that of our color.
Malefor: So it seems we have an imposter.
Aqua: That blade must be eliminated.
Chaos: Prepare to witness your worst nightmares.

Player vs. Malefor
Warrior of Light: Darkness will not prevail, for I shall defeat you!
Garland: Do you think you can defeat the great Garland?
Firion: I will fight for the freedom of all!
Cassius: I really don't have time for this.
The Emperor: You haven't seen the true power of Hell!
Onion Knight: Don't underestimate me, my courage and power will be rewarded!
Cloud of Darkness: I will be the one to spread chaos and destruction!
Cecil: It's time to put an end to your evil ways!
Kain: You made your choice to challenge me.
Golbez: Only a figure in complete darkness could prevail.
Bartz: I will accept any challenge that comes in my way!
Exdeath: I shall take you to the Void with me!
Terra: I got to put myself together for this...
Dustin: The darkness is tempting but I fight on the side of Darrien!
Kefka: My powers are just as superior as yours are!
Cloud: You shall feel the wrath of my sword...
Sephiroth: I will have you begging for mercy.
Squall: Your reign of terror will not come to fruition.
Ultimecia: It's futile to defeat me.
Zidane: I am going to finish you off!
Kuja: My improvisation will be your destruction.
Tidus: You want to fight me? Well, come and get some!
Yuna: I will do what I must in situations like this.
Jecht: I am going to give it all I got!
Shantotto: I shall teach you not to mess with me!
Prishe: So you think you're up to the challenge?
Vaan: You're going to find out just who I really am.
Gabranth: You may have challenged me, but you will regret this.
Lightning: You shall fear the name of Lightning!
Dairren: You will never reach your goals.
Malefor: So it seems we have an imposter.
Aqua: My gracefulness will put a stop to you.
Chaos: You shall feel what true evil is.

You are absolutely no match for me.
Absolutely pathetic.
Now you are going to perish.
I am indestructible!

What is this?!
How can I be defeated?
Malefor Dissidia Quotes
First of many character quotes I'll be doing. I'm starting with Malefor, who first appeared in the Legend of Spyro and later getting a mention in the backstories of Cynder and Hex in Skylanders.

Which was published by Square Enix in Japan, giving a reason to put him in the Dissidia Final Fantasy story I plan to write.
In this, he'll be appearing as his Legend incarnation, seeing as the other one has never been seen.

Malefor is copyright to Activision and Square Enix.
Cassius and Dustin are copyright to my friends, Chanta and Dustin.
Everyone else is copyright to Square Enix.
Name: Bryce Bennett
Pronunciation: Bri-ice Ben-ett
Gender: Male
Age: 27
City/town of birth: Glenwood
Currently lives: Glenwood
Nationality: TBD
Languages Spoken: English
Native language: English
Relationship status: Married

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130 lbs
Figure/build: Very muscular
Hair color: Brunette
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Tannish
Preferred style of clothing: His Knight armor
Frequently worn jewelery: None

Personality: Bryce is a courageous knight who valiantly fights for the good of his kingdom, and it's safety. He proudly and honorably upholds the knights code in Glenwood, following every task given to him by his lord without question. On the field, he discourages the use of dirty tricks.

Likes: Princess Alison, Justice, Chivalry, reading poetry
Dislikes: Injustice, evil
Fear/phobias: Losing his honor
Favorite color: Green
Hobbies: Training
Taste in music: Folk music

Skills/talents: Knight

Peaceful/aggressive attitude: Peaceful, unless the law is broken.
Powers/Skills: In progress.

Weakness in combat: Long range combat
Strength in combat: Close combat

Parents names: Ulric and Alice
Parents dead/alive: Alive
Siblings: None
Partner/spouse: Princess Alison
Children: None
Important friends: TBD
Friends: TBD
Enemies: Ariana, Sage Carac

Background: You will have to ask him that.
Bryce Bennett - Final Fantasy OC
This is biography I wrote on my original Final Fantasy character. Some concepts have changed over the years since his creation, his name, and parents names.

His enemies names have also changed, the only villain that had been thought up was Xander. Eventually I removed him from the story, and replaced him with the current two villains.

Final Fantasy is copyright to Square Enix
Bryce Bennett, Princess Alison, Ariana, and Sage Carac are copyright to me.
Elora Oakfern
A Faun from Avalar. She appears in Ripto's Rage as an associate of Hunter and the Professor. She is the one who tells Spyro to collect the Talismans and guides him on his quest to defeat Ripto. Headstrong, calm, and intelligent, Elora comes from a royal family line, making her the princess of the Avalar Kingdom. She knows a lot about the island's secrets. After Spyro and Flame saved Avalar from Ripto, she offered them her trust, respect and friendship. Elora is also very skillful with magic as she knows a lot of spells, which she would use to her advantage when she went on to become a mage. Elora and Spyro would share a special connection with each other, which eventually blossoms into love between them.

Voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese), Kelly Sheridan (English, Ocean), Luci Christian (English, video game series, anime series)

Action Girl

Ascended Extra: Becomes more prominent in the remake series.

Badass Princess

Battle Couple: With Spyro during one of the missions in The Black Eclipse - Part 1.

Breakout Character: As the series progress, she becomes as much of a major character as Spyro.

Closer to Earth

Damsel in Distress: Only a couple of times, one in Ripto's Rage when Ripto invaded her kingdom, and two when she gets captured by Gaul and his henchmen in The Black Eclipse - Part 2.
Deadpan Snarker: Very much so, especially in the later games.

Everything's Better with Princesses

Fauns and Satyrs: She's a faun, you dork!

Fiery Redhead

First Girl Wins: More like Only Girl Wins, but she and Spyro do seem to have an implied interest in each other. She not only gives Spyro a little kiss at the end of Ripto's Rage, but spends a romantic night with him watching fireworks in Year of the Dragon, after watching Hunter and Bianca hook up.

Foil: Her analytical and cautious personality contrasts Spyro's eager and free-spirited demeanour, making her his foil.

Green Thumb: She is very in touch with nature.

Hidden Depths: Despite starting as a diplomat who gave helpful advice to Spyro during his time in Avalar, and assisting him on his quest to foil Ripto's plan to take over Avalar. She was revealed to have temper and a knowledge on life magic as the series progressed, making her a powerful mage in her own right.

Interspecies Romance: She's a faun and has shared a kindred spirit with Spyro, a dragon, and they've shared some tender moments together.

Lady of War

Love Confession: Elora and Spyro have show signs of affections for each other in several titles, and finally, she confesses her for love him, resulting in them becoming an Official Couple.

Magical Girl Warrior

Modest Royalty: Doesn't dress up like the average princess.

Nature Lover: Elora has a penchant for flowers, and is fascinated by all kinds of creatures.

Put on a Bus: Despite Hunter, Moneybags and the Professor having large roles in the games post-Ripto's Rage, Elora disappeared entirely except for a cameo at the end of Year of the Dragon.

Red Headed Heroine

Red Oni, Blue Oni: The blue to Spyro's red.

Redhead In Green

Rightly Self-Righteous: Often disapproves Spyro's usually brash motives, which gets justified most of the the time as he ends up putting his life at risk.

Royals Who Actually Do Something

Sadistic Choice/Take Me Instead: In The Black Eclipse, Part 2, when Gaul threatens to blow up the Avalar city unless Elora surrenders herself to him. She does so, (spoiler: though he eventually blows up the city anyway.)

Significant Green-Eyed Redhead

Simple Staff: Her weapon of choice in the later games.

Smooch of Victory: She gives Spyro a little peck on the nose after he defeats Ripto.

Strong Family Resemblance: Bears a resemblance to her mother.

Team Mom

Tomboy and Girly Girl: Tomboy to Bianca's Girly Girl.

Tomboy Princess

The Bus Came Back: After being entirely absent for the whole game, she appears in a cutscene at the end of Year of the Dragon to celebrate Spyro's latest victory.


The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask: Becomes the Queen of Warfang when she marries Spyro, now known as King Dairren.

Women Are Wiser: Often the voice of reason and advises Spyro not to act out on impulse.
Character Tropes: Elora Oakfern
Page number three belongs to Elora. In the original series, she had only appeared in a total of two games, Ripto's Rage and Year of the Dragon. She was going to be included in Season of Ice and Attack of the Rhynocs as a playable character originally.

That changes in my remakes series, Elora's personality and backstory will be expanded on. She will become a main character much like Spyro and Hunter. She'll have a major role in her own spin-off and The Black Eclipse, and appear in Season of Ice and Attack of the Rhynocs like originally planned.

Elora the Faun is copyright to Insomniac Games and Universal Studios.
Other ideas are copyright to me.
Voiced by Suzuko Mimori (Japanese), Andrea Libman (English, Ocean), Tara Strong (English, video game series), Kate Higgins (English, anime series, FUNimation)

An overly cheerful and erratic pink dragon whom Spyro rescued in Enter the Dragonfly. Initially, she had a crush on Spyro and was so excited about meeting him, but gets kidnapped by Gnasty Gnorc and Ripto. After Spyro foiled the evil duo's plans, Ember fell in love with him and was determined to win his affections. Although Spyro gets annoyed by that, he still treats her as a very close friend and often appreciates the help she would do for him in some occasions. Ember has a very sweet and optimistic personality as she always tries to find the goodness within others and she is very protective of her friends. However, beneath that sweet, innocent exterior lies a hot-tempered disposition, which not even Spyro is safe from.

Action Girl: She becomes one in Attack of the Rhynocs, and continues this in several games.

Ascended Extra: Ember was just a minor character in the original series, but in the remake series, becomes one of the major characters.

- Badass Adorable: Despite coming off being quite eccentric, she does show adorable traits.
- Badass Normal: Doesn't have as potent powers as any of her fellow dragons, but that doesn't stop her.
- Badass Pacifist: Usually prefers peace over violence.
- Little Miss Badass: Innocent-looking, cute, yet badass all the way.
- Took a Level in Badass: In the remake series, starting in Attack of the Rhynocs.

Berserk Button: Don't hurt any of her friends, especially Spyro.

Beware the Nice Ones: She may be a sweet-looking pink dragon, but rile her up, and she can be pretty nasty, something that even Spyro finds himself at odds with.

The Chick: To Spyro's team whenever she collaborates with them.

Clingy Jealous Girl: She's ready to make some embers should any girl her age or older so much as looks at Spyro.

Cool Big Sis: A surrogate one to Flame.

Cute and Psycho: Despite being a Genki Girl, Ember tends to fall into this at times.

Cute Bruiser: Especially that she is a pink dragon.

Damsel in Distress: In her initial appearance of the remake of Enter the Dragonfly. She eventually takes a level in badass to become a strong character in her own right.

Death Glare: Did one coupled with Go Through Me when Brutus threatened to kill Spyro. Also used one in Spyro Dusk (in which she demands to know who is Cynder and why Spyro seems to be interested in her).

The Determinator: Never seems to give up in her hope of being Spyro's girlfriend.

Expy: Of Amy Rose. There's even an instance in the Crossover game, where Ember and Amy found similarities to each other.

Fangirl: Towards Spyro, of course.

Genki Girl: She's a very cheerful and energetic dragon.

The Glomp: Becomes a Running Gag in her appearances in which she attempts to glomp Spyro.

Go Through Me: Issued one to Brutus when he attempted to land a killing blow to Spyro.

Hair-Trigger Temper: Don't be fooled by her looks, she's not to be underestimated.

The Heart: Uses her charm as her main ability. Even the tip of her tail is shaped like a heart.

Heart Beat-Down: Many of her signature moves are heart-themed.

Hopeless Suitor: Ember is in love with Spyro, but Spyro doesn't reciprocate that as he considers her as a good friend.

Innocent Blue Eyes

The Knights Who Say Squee: Although she's proven a few times to be a heroine in her own right, she'll react like that when she sees Spyro.

The Leader: While she may be a supporting member in some games, there has been several instances where she has shown natural leadership skills.

Light Feminine and Dark Feminine: The Light to Bianca's Dark Feminine.

Like Brother and Sister: Sees Spyro like a big brother to her, and at the same time, sees Flame as a little brother.

Love at First Sight

Mama Bear: She is very protective of her friends, and even threatened to kick Brutus's ass when he attempts to murder Spyro.

Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: The Masculine Girl to Flame's Feminine Boy.

Nice Girl: She's usually gentle and kind, but she does have an aggressive and hot-headed side.

No Sense of Personal Space: This speaks for itself, "Look at this dark gem, it's pulsating with evilness. Still, it would make a nice engagement ring, don't you agree, Spyro? Go ask the Dragon Elder how to smash it to bits. I know you would, because you like me."

Pink Girl, Blue Boy: With Spyro (while he's purple).

Pink Means Feminine

Plucky Girl

Precocious Crush/Smitten Teenage Girl: Since her appearance in Enter the Dragonfly and throughout the rest of the series.

Rescue Romance: Already had a crush on Spyro, which intensified since being rescued in Enter the Dragonfly. Of course, Spyro isn't so keen on it.

Rousseau Was Right: She always believes there is good in every one, even the likes of Brutus.

Running Gag: The Glomp

Self-Proclaimed Love Interest: She sees Spyro as her boyfriend.

Stalker With a Crush

Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: In addition to being pink, she has a necklace and a heart-shaped tail.

Tomboy and Girly Girl: Fluctuates between both ends.

Tsundere: Type B

Vocal Evolution: In the original A Hero's Tail, she sounded like a little child. In the remake series, she sounds more like a cheerful and excitable teenage girl, even sounding a fair bit like Pinkie Pie in her first couple of appearances.

Violently Protective Girlfriend: To be precise, a self-proclaimed girlfriend. May the Almighty have mercy on anyone who hurts Spyro when she's nearby.
Character Tropes: Ember
This next trope page is for Ember. I'm doing a bunch of documents on each character in the Spyro remake series I have come up with.

These tropes were considered because her character wasn't fully explored in A Hero's Tail and Shadow Legacy. But in my remake series, she will be more fleshed out.

Her role will also be greatly expanded, meaning she will appear in other titles besides A Hero's Tail and Shadow Legacy.

Ember is copyright to Sierra, Universal Studios, and Activision.
Our purple hero. Having grown up in the Dragon Realms, he can spit fire and use his horns to charge like any dragon. Following his first adventure, he became a well known hero for being the defender of the Dragon Realms. Beyond that, he went on to defend his world countless more times.

Spyro hails from a race of magical purple dragons that come from a land shrouded in mystery. He has made countless of friends, including Sparx (who he met as a baby dragon), Flame, Ember, Hunter, and Bianca (formerly his enemy). He also found love in the form of a redhead faun named Elora.

Voiced by (Japanese): Motoko Kumai (Kid Spyro), Takahiro Sakurai (Teen Spyro)

Kid Spyro Voiced by: Colleen Clinkenbeard (FUNimation), Cathy Weseluck (Ocean)

Teen Spyro Voiced by: Matthew Mercer (FUNimation), Brian Drummond (Ocean)

Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Said by Astor to have A.D.D.

Anti-Hero: While Spyro has a penchant for being brash, especially when dealing with villains, he is still heroic.

Badass: He is definitely one as he takes on evil dictators, dark beings, and even gods with no effort.
- Badass Adorable: In the second game onwards.
- Badass Boast: Lets out some over the years.
"I am Spyro the Dragon, defender of the Dragon Realms. Do you really wish to challenge me? Come then, and test your might!"
"I have faced many things in my life. Cat wizards, elementals, rogue dragons, and demons. So I have a lot of knowledge on the magical world!"
"I am the last of the Mystic Purples, the most powerful dragon race there ever was!"
- Badbutt: In the first game, he was rather cocky and overconfident, thinking that fighting Gnasty Gnorc would only require making his butt extra crispy. He mellows out a little bit in the second game, and becomes quite the Badass.

Bag of Spilling: Averted. All of the powerups he purchases from Moneybags in the second game are retained in the third (with the exception of the superflame powerup).

Bash Brothers: Would be like this with Flame, especially in the Spyro and Flame series. Same thing with Brutus on one instance.

Berserk Button: Threaten to auction a dragon egg after he went through hell to get most of them? You're only asking for trouble, Moneybags.
Also, don't hurt his friends. If you do... well, how do you like your butt? Burnt, well done, or cremated?

Beware the Nice Ones: Spyro is usually friendly despite his cockiness, but get ready to be torched if you ever do something to anger him, whether it be stealing dragon eggs or hurting his friends.

Big Brother Instinct: Towards Flame, Spyro is always looking out for the younger dragon.

Big Damn Heroes: He has freed the Dragon Elders from crystalization and saved Avalar from falling under the dictatorship of Ripto in Spyro the Dragon and Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage as examples.

Breath Weapon: Well, he is a dragon.

The Cameo: Has made one in Crash Twinsanity and Crash Nitro Kart.

Catch Phrase: "Spyro the Dragon! That's my name!"
"You gotta believe!"
"Brace yourself."

Celibate Hero
Spyro: It's a sad sight, Sparx. Another noble warrior falls victim to the plague of love.
Though he does show something of an attraction to Elora.

Character Development: Spyro was a cocky and over-eager dragon in his youth, especially in the first game when he goes to defeat Gnasty Gnorc. As the series progresses, he mellows out a fair bit, and in the later games, he becomes more serious and aloof.

Cheshire Cat Grin

Deadpan Snarker: Played straight as he would quip sarcastic remarks from time to time.

Defeating the Undefeatable: Confronts and takes down Malefor, who is considered to be the most powerful dragon in recorded history as stated by the Elders.

Determinator: No matter how formidable his opponents are, Spyro is not one to back down a challenge.

Distressed Dude: Ends up getting captured by Mammoth in A Hero's Tail. It takes Hunter to rescue him.

Elemental Powers: In the original few games, he stuck with fire a lot, but as the series went on, he branched out. Including into bubble.

Fatal Flaw: His cockiness gets the better of him when he faces and gets flattened by Mammoth. He can also proven to be quite stubborn in some situations, such as when as when he dead set on gaining victory or bringing a plan to fruition with his team.

Fire-Forged Friends: With Bianca, Crash, Red, Tora, and Cynder. They used to be enemies/opponents to Spyro, and are all now his friends/allies. Even with Brutus, although it is temporary before they become fierce rivals to each other again.

Flight: He's usually restricted to just gliding, but with a powerup he can fly freely (but often with time limits).

Friendly Rivalry: With Tora the Tigress.

Good Is Not Soft: He is quite pragmatic about dealing with villains. Justified as a lot of them are monstrous.

The Hero: He's the titular and main character.

I Got Bigger: Shades of Purple shows that Post-Untold Origins Spyro is slightly larger than Post-Spyro the Dragon Spyro. Young Spyro is amazed at the growth spurt.

I Hate Past Me: Older Spyro has regrets over how cocky and arrogant he used to be as a kid when he meets his younger self in Shades of Purple.

Jack of All Stats: Whenever there are multiple characters, each with their own abilities, Spyro is usually the most well-rounded and balanced.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While he may be cocky and arrogant at times, the Jerk side is mostly directed towards his enemies. With everyone else, he is mostly a nice guy.

Kid Hero: He seems to be twelve in the third game, though it's unknown how dragons age so he might be older than he looks. Even than he doesn't seem any older than mid-teens.

Last of His Kind: Sort of, the Mystic Purples aren't dead, only hiding in another dimension. Spyro is the one of last known male Mystic Purples alive in the universe.

The Leader: Headstrong type for of all of his team and Charismatic type for all heroes as a whole.

Let's Get Dangerous: Whenever he faces dangerous villains, he gets serious about kicking their butts.

Loveable Rogue: Until his Character Development.

Mascot with Attitude: During the original trilogy especially; there were even ads with Spyro "beating" Mario.

Mysterious Parents

Mysterious Past: The only things ever revealed about Spyro's past is that he was born from another dragon family, which comes into play in Untold Origins.

No Guy Wants to Be Chased: He's like this with Ember whenever she suggests romantic stuff like engagement rings.

Not So Different: From Brutus, in that they have the same upbringing, but followed different paths. Additionally from Malefor much later on in that they're both purple dragons with similar backgrounds.

One-Dragon Army: He has taken down armies of monsters led by the likes of Gnasty Gnorc and Ripto.

Only Known by Their Nickname: Untold Origins hints that Spyro might not be his real name. (:spoiler:)

Papa Wolf: To the Dragon Eggs in YOTD. Just ask the Sorceress and Moneybags.

Pint-Sized Powerhouse: He may be a small dragon, but he has taken down villains much taller than him.

Playing with Fire: Of course.

Pragmatic Hero: He doesn't take defeating villains lightly and will give them a good roasting if necessary. However, he is still good-natured and his extreme measures are for saving the world and protecting his friends. He is also distrustful towards former villains who turned good, but eventually forgives and warm up to them.

Pre-Mortem One-Liner: "Happy holidays, fat boy!"

The Power of Friendship: Spyro strongly abides by this.

Purple Eyes

Purple Is Powerful: As a Mystic Purple. Spyro has the potential to master multiple elements.

Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Red to Elora's Blue. Inverted with Flame as Spyro's purple and is the brash and bold type while Flame is red and is careful and cautious.

The Rival: Spyro has few, with Brutus as the main one.
- Rivals Team Up: With Crash Bandicoot, Tora, Brutus, then Cynder, and then Red.

Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The Manly Man to Flame's Sensitive Guy.

Signature Laugh: He has a rather cheeky chuckle which he utters at times whenever taking down bad guys.

Ship Tease: With Elora, but he doesn't act on it. Same with Ember, and even with Cynder. Subverted with the last one when it's revealed that she's with her partner Draco.

Shut Up, Hannibal!: Calls out Brutus when he claims that he is the most powerful dragon, one of Spyro's rare moments when he isn't being a snarker to his opponents.

Tiger versus Dragon: With Tora, a tigress, though they eventually put their differences aside and become allies, albeit being friendly rivals to each other.

Took a Level in Badass: Undergoes one during the Antquity Trilogy during his mastery in the elements training. Lampshaded by Hunter in Rise of the Cyborgs.

Used To Be More Social: After his other-worldly adventures in Untold Origins and Secret of the Codex, he returns home only to get chewed out by his friends in Rise of the Cyborgs after not having kept in touch with them for a few years.

Use Your Head: No matter the game, his two basic attacks are usually "fire breath" and "hit it really hard with his horns." After the second game he also gets a headbutt-based variant of a Ground Pound.

Wall Jump: He starts learning this technique in A Hero's Tail.

Would Hit a Girl: He has no qualms fighting Cynder in Spyro Dusk when Cynder issues one with him. He was also willing to fight villainesses like Bianca (formerly an enemy), The Sorceress, Aria, and Ineptune, just to name a few.

Vitriolic Best Buds: With Bianca, though it was downplayed a bit.
Character Tropes: Spyro the Dragon
Now for the start of something new, character tropes. For this one it's Spyro, it's an expanded take on him, which is for my remake series of the Spyro franchise.

I someday plan to make this the official version.

A lot of time and effort was put into this, the past week was spent on this project. I'm satisfied with out has come out.

Spyro the Dragon is copyright to Insominac Games, Universal Studios, and Activision.
I got thinking about it, and decided to show a small piece of Twisted in Time. So without further ado, here it is.

Princess Alys: "A dragon...? I never thought I would actually meet one, having thought they were just a myth from the stories I heard as a child. But at least I know they really aren't. It's such a high honor to meet you! I'll start by introducing myself. I am Alys, the Princess of Fairwater."

Princess Alys: "Dad, Spyro helped saved the kingdom. We owe him our sincerest gratitude."

There will also be a major plot twist in Twisted in Time, and it's about one of the characters.
It will be very shocking indeed.
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Hope you all enjoy what you read, much effort was spent on it.

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