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Archangels are the strongest type of angel, being bafflingly powerful, and are looked at heaven's fearsome wrath. It was indicated that they were the very first type of angels ever created. They were created in this order: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, and Gabriel. Michael is the mightiest but also the most loyal and obedient, Lucifer is God's most loved but also the most prideful and avaricious, Raphael was the most ruthless and imperious, while Gabriel with the most kindess and most caring.

The Archangels
Michael - Heaven's Leader
Lucifer - Formerly
Raphael - Heaven's Emisionary
Gabriel - Heaven's Pet Keeper
Metatron - Scribe of God
Asariel - Angel of the Moon

Seraphim are a higher class of angel, above normal angels such as Lailah and Castiel, but lower in status than archangels. They've worked under the command of the archangels for at least 6 millennia. The only known Seraphs are Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Samael, and Leviathan.

The Seraphim
Beelzebub - Formerly
Asmodeus- Formerly
Samael - Formerly, now known as Satan
Leviathan - Formerly

Angels are powerful, celestial beings created by God to serve as his attendants and messengers, but also as soldiers in his war against Lucifer and his demons. They are native to Heaven and are imbued with both holy white light as well as considerable power.

Angels are one of the most powerful entities in the series, generally outclassing all demons, monsters, and other supernatural creatures with the exception of the Leviathans, Echidna, The Horsemen, and God Himself.

Lailah - Angel of the Night
Castiel - Angel of Thursday
Host of Heaven
Part actual Christian Lore, Part Role Play or Creative Licensed stuff.

Lailah and the Archangels are copyright to me.
The Crown Princes of Hell appear to be the most high ranking; above the Kings. As for the military titles of Hell's Army, these are the same as for the human military. Their rank has to do with their spiritual powers. Always remember, Demons show us how we can help ourselves and advance spiritually.

Demons who belonged to certain orders often specialize in certain abilities and powers.

Princes of Hell
Lucifer - Pride
Mammon - Greed
Leviathan - Envy
Asmodeus - Lust
Beelzebub - Gluttony
Satan - Wrath
Belphegor - Sloth

Azazel - King of Hell
Bhabam - Devil of Sulfur and Brimstone, Marquis of Demise, Duke of Flames
Abaddon - Knight of Hell
Mephistopheles - King of the Crossroads

Gomosuhm - One of Bhabam's Generals
Beelruhm - One of Bhabam's Generals
Seirzhal - One of Bhabam's Generals
Heanoch - One of Bhabam's Generals

Special Figures in Hell
Minos - Judge of the Damned
Tiamat - Hell's Watcher
Hell's Hierarchy
Part actual Christian Lore, Part Role Play or Creative Licensed stuff.

Nobility Rankings of Hell:
  • Prince
  • King
  • Marquis
  • Duke
  • Earl
  • President

The Seven Princes,. Bhabam, and his Four Generals are copyright to Me.
Name: Malefor
Alias: The Shadow King, The Demon of Outlands, The Devil, The Fallen One, The Boogeyman, and The Nether Lord
Appearances: Spyro: Year of the Dragon (mentioned), Spyro: A Hero's Tail (cameo), Spyro: Shadow Legacy (cameo), Spyro: Into the Shadows (first full appearance), Spyro: The Darkest Order, Spyro: Return of the Mystics, Spyro Nemesis, Spyro: Reign of Darkness, Spyro: The Sword of Doom, Dissidia: Descent of Chaos, Dissidia: Rise of Deathwing, Dissidia: Shinryu's Vengeance, Dissidia: Trinity of 3Ds, Dissidia: Emperor Mateus's Return, Dissidia: Malefor's Rise, Hero Squadron

The ultimate evil of the Insomniac universe. This being has many names and titles for himself. He is haughty, wicked, and with no trace of conscience nor compassion. Terrifying and demonic, he is feared by almost everyone. He is also the first of his kind, and possesses immense magical power.

Powers & Abilities:
Malefor is exteremly powerful. Being a Mystic Purple like Spyro, he can control many abilities others cannot, but to a greater extent, such as the element of Fire, Ice, Electricity, Earth, Wind, the Convexity element, and perhaps even Time itself. It is hinted that he can also control other elements, as he was shown using the Fear ability during his final battle against Spyro and Cynder, and most likely wields Shadow and Poison as well, the powers that Cynder was granted with when she was exposed to Malefor's darkness. Since he is over 1000 years old, Malefor's elemental abilities are far more developed than Spyro's, as shown by his use of Convexity abilities in place of Spyro's fire abilities, and on a much larger and more powerful scale that Spyro has displayed thus far. He has also demonstrated the ability to project forcefields that protects him from all attacks except for Convexity Breath, which appears to be an incredibly useful ability.

Living up to his title after choosing evil, Malefor wields powerful dark magic, which enables him to corrupt anything or anyone as he pleases. This is demonstrated when he transforms the Dragon Temple into a Fortress of his likeness and makes it levitate, turns the Goblins into undead monsters, creating artificial creatures like the Shadow Minions, and crafted an energy chain that his minions shackle Spyro and Cynder together. His notable power is having absolute control over everything evil and every malevolent being, also transforming others into a dark version of their former self that greatly increases their power and corrupting them into being in complete servitude to Malefor.

The full extent of Malefor's abilities is unknown. It is stated by Green in Spyro Nemesis that Malefor has "ascended to a new level of existence" and is stronger than before. Spyro Nemesis writer Gavin MacDonald states, "Malefor's existence and will is extremely powerful. There is nothing stronger, nothing above him." Though Spyro and other characters have been able to battle Malefor competently, it is implied in most of these fights that Malefor was not fighting at his full potential, his power being somehow limited or he was holding back.

Personality: Malefor is cold and cruel to lesser races, and dragons he considers inferior. Either way, he shows no mercy in battle.

As the first Mystic Purple, he considers himself the greatest being to ever exist and the most powerful Mystic Purple. He's not wrong however, he really is a powerful dragon capable of handling the dark elements with little effort. He is proud, arrogant, intelligent, condescending, manipulative, and cruel. After all he was the one who manipulated Red into using the Dark Gems to poison the land and The Sorcerer to merge the Dragon Realms and the Shadow Realm together.

His ultimate goal is to banish the light by consuming the world in age of eternal darkness, and he does have to power to make this happen.

Being trapped in Outlands really led him to practice his elemental powers and grew immensely powerful because of it and taught him to get revenge against the dragon race.
He also used to be a hero like Spyro back in the day, but was aloof toward others and the possibility of ancient and forbidden magic led him to want to became even greater, so he betrayed the Mystic Purples code of honor by turning to the dark side.

Though he doesn't show it much, he does care for his daughter Ember and Elysion the witch of midnight.

Backstory: Born as the first Mystic Purple, Malefor was considered a prodigy right from his moment of creation. But his pride led him into wanting to become even greater than he already was, and upon hearing tales of an ancient and forbidden magic, he went on a quest to find this magic. Eventually he met The Darkness and felt honored to meet such a powerful entity. Wanting to become dark and powerful like him, Malefor agreed to be taught by The Darkness, after many months of training with The Darkness, he was finally as powerful as he wanted to be. Saying goodbye to The Darkness, Malefor went on his way and returned to Mystic Mountain, however he wasn't welcomed back warmly, having changed in appearance and personality. He were nearly frightened by their former comrade, they dubbed him The Shadow King due to this and Malefor liked this new title.

He convinced the other Mystic Purples to join him into taking over the universe, but they refused his offer of conquest. This made Malefor angry and led to the Dark War.

Long story short, the Mystic Purples won the war and banished Malefor to Outlands, but not without swearing revenge against all the Mystic Purples and their descendants. Being stuck in Outlands for centuries drove him mad and led him to thinking of a new scheme.

Centuries later, he met a beautiful female dragon, but she was frightened by him, so Malefor used a love potion on her. Together they had a child known as Ember, though the mother died during childbirth. That mattered not however, all that mattered was raising Ember to be like him.

He later had had two other children named Xander and Narcissa with a witch named Elysion.
Classic Malefor Profile
Classic Malefor is the main antagonist of Spyro: Into the Shadows, Spyro: Return of the Mystics, Spyro Nemesis, and Spyro: Reign of Darkness. He also returns as an antagonist in my Dissidia Final Fantasy series. Part of my revival series for Spyro the Dragon.

Classic Malefor is copyright to me. I created this incarnation.
Title: Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
Genre: Action RPG
Rating: Everyone 10+
Developer: Insomniac Games
Publishers: Square Enix
Platform: Playstation 4, Wii U, Xbox One
Region: JP, NA, EU, AUS

Music Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

After leaving the Artisans realm with the defeat of Gnasty Gnorc, he travels across the regions and headed for an island which is said to hold a fantastic resort, the Dragon Shores. Spyro and Sparx decided that it would be a fantastic place to get some rest and relaxtion. But they are unaware that their vacation is about to be disrupted by an oncoming threat somewhere across the realms.

Far away from the Dragon Realms lies the beautiful and spiritual land of Avalar. The bitter and twisted Ripto, along with his henchmen Crush and Gulp, has taken control and installed himself as ruler of the land. Princess Elora and her two friends Hunter and the Professor escaped to where they decided to seek help to rid themselves of the diminutive dictator. After learning that Ripto despises dragons, the Professor managed to create a magic gateway which leads to the Dragon Realms in the hope that he might bring a dragon through to the Kingdom of Avalar. And it worked all to well. Upon learning about the crisis in Avalar from Elora and the Professor, Spyro sets off to set things right.

Now journey through the lands of Avalar as Spyro seeks to overthrown Ripto's tyranny and bring peace back to Avalar. Team with with Hunter and Princess Elora as they aid you through your quest. You also meet legendary beings called the Primordials on your journey, they offer you the ability to summon them in battle.

Main characters
Colleen Clinkenbeard - Spyro the Dragon
Sonny Strait - Sparx the Dragonfly
Jess Harnell - Hunter
Troy Baker - Guard 1, Guard 2
Melissa Disney - Elora Oakfern
Kyle Hebert - The Dark Knight
Tara Strong - Handel, Greta
Milton James - Moneybags
Brina Palencia - Little Bo Peep
Laura Bailey - Zoe
Michael Gough - The Professor
Yuri Lowenthal - Romeo
Caitlin Glass - Juliet
Liam O'Brien - Titan
Steven Blum - Ramuh
Robbie Rist - Ifrit
Sherry Lynn - Shiva
Robin Atkin Downes - Leviathan
Fred Tatasciore - Bahamut
Gregg Berger - Ripto
Jonathan Adams - Merlin
Richard E. Grant - King Arthur
Emma Watson - Morgan Le Fey
Tom Riley - Robin Hood

Aditional voices
Tara Strong, Greg Ellis, Danny Jacobs, Marc Worden, Julie Nathanson, Masasa Moyo, Kari Wahlgren, Kathryn Cressida, Rino Romano, Terri Hawkes, Stephanie Sheh, Linda Ballanythe, Susan Roman, Amanda C. Miller

Kingdom of Avalar World
Hub: Kingdom of Avalar
Chapter 1: Green Pastures
Boss 1: Titan
Chapter 2: Nightfall Vista
Chapter 3: Castle Ramparts
Chapter 4: Twisted Spires
Boss 2: Ramuh
Chapter 5: Verona City
Chapter 6: Crush's Dungeon
Boss 3: Crush

Wilderness Plains World
Hub: Wilderness Plains
Chapter 7: Black Knight Fortress
Boss 4: The Dark Knight
Chapter 8: Desert Oasis
Chapter 9: Fractured Hills
Chapter 10: Wildlife Garden
Chapter 11: Undergoth Crypts
Chapter 12: Ancient Woods
Chapter 13: Scarlet Cavern
Boss 5: Ifrit
Chapter 14: Seaside Caves
Boss 6: Leviathan
Chapter 15: Gulp's Overlook
Boss 7: Gulp

Artic Mountains World
Hub: Artic Mountains
Chapter 16: Cloud Temples
Chapter 17: Shiver Cove
Boss 8: Shiva
Chapter 18: Frostbite Throats
Chapter 19: Dinosaur Road
Boss 9: Bahamut
Chapter 20: Ripto's Arena
Boss 10: Ripto
Chapter 21: Dragon Shores

Expansion Packs
Chapter 22: Camelot
Chapter 23: Sherwood Forest
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Remake
The second entry in my Spyro Origins series, it's a remake of the second game. With new characters and content.

Spyro the Dragon and Elora are copyright to Insomniac Games.
Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, Leviathan, and Bahamut are copyright to Square Enix.
Title: Spyro the Dragon
Genre: Action RPG
Rating: Everyone 10+
Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: Playstation 4, Wii U, Xbox One
Region: JP, NA, EU, AUS

Music Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

Once upon a time, the Dragon Realms was a place of peace and purity. The dragons lived happily in their realms for thousands of years, until one day, an evil king named Gnasty Gnorc appeared. In his quest to dominate the Dragon Realms, Gnasty Gnorc unleashed a spell that turned dragons into stone and he sent forth an army of monsters to run amok causing chaos and destruction. With Gnasty Gnorc ruling the Dragon Realms, all hope seemed lost, and the world needs a hero.

Meet Spyro, a young and radical purple dragon with a taste of adventure and survivor of Gnasty's invasion. On his journey to take down the evil Gnorc King, Spyro must use his skills and ingenuity to overcome one challenge after another as he battles through the villages, deserts, mountains, swamps, forests, underwater ruins, and so on. Rescue the dragons, collect the gems, flame the monsters, and take down big, deadly bosses to save the Dragon Realms from Gnasty's wicked reign!

Main characters
Colleen Clinkenbeard - Spyro the Dragon
Sonny Strait - Sparx the Dragonfly
Monica Rial - Emily
Jess Harnell - Elder Tomas
Deborah Ann Wol - Arwen
Dave B. Mitchell - Toasty
Clancy Brown - Nestor, General Titan
Travis Willingham - Elder Astor, Cosmos
Fred Tatasciore - Bahamut
Liam O'Brien - Lateef
Michael Gough - Gnasty Gnorc
Crispin Freeman - Gill Grunt
Robin Atkin Downes - Leviathan
Freddie Winston - Drobot
Jack Henninger - Lumanare
John DiMaggio - Flavius

Additional voices
Laura Bailey, Roger Craig Smith, Yuri Lowenthal, Michelle Ruff, David Vincent, Dave Wittenberg, Melissa Fahn, Jamieson Price, Michael McConnohie, Tom Wyner, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Wendee Lee

Artisans Realm
Hub: Artisan Plains
Chapter 1: Dragon Village
Chapter 2: High Mountains
Chapter 3: Forbidden Library
Chapter 4: Dragon Castle
Boss 1: Toasty

Peace Keepers Realm
Hub: Peace Keepers Canyon
Chapter 5: Corrosion Armory
Chapter 6: Battalion Tomb
Chapter 7: Cliff Town
Chapter 8: Warfang
Boss 2: Dr. Shemp

Magic Crafters Realm
Hub: Magic Crafters Peak
Chapter 9: High Caves
Chapter 10: Pine Woods
Chapter 11: Wizard Peak
Chapter 12: Windy Mountain
Boss 3: Blowhard

Beast Makers Realm
Hub: Beast Makers Swamp
Chapter 13: Lost Jungle
Chapter 14: Ruined Temple
Chapter 15: Tree Tops
Chapter 16: Cursed Bog
Boss 4: Metalhead

Dream Weavers Realm
Hub: Dream Weavers Isle
Chapter 17: Lunar Temple
Chapter 18: Cloud Atrium
Chapter 19: Rainbow Trail
Chapter 20: Nightmare Abyss
Boss 5: Jacques

Gnasty's World
Hub: Gnorc Gnexus
Chapter 21: The Shipyard
Chapter 22: Ammunition Factory
Chapter 23: Gnorc Castle
Boss 6: Gnasty Gnorc

Expansion Packs
Chapter 24: Aquifers Village
Chapter 25: Machinst Industries
Chapter 26: Starlight Square
Chapter 27: Volcanic Descent
Spyro the Dragon Remake
The first entry in my Spyro Origins series, it's a remake of the first game. With new characters and content.

Spyro the Dragon is copyright to Insomniac Games
Leviathan and Bahamut are copyright to Square Enix.
Lumanare is copyright to Jack.
I will be helping Draco to write this series. I look forward to helping him write a good story. This story is to be known as;

Dragon Heroes

Main Characters:
Cynder - The Leader
Draco - Second in Command :icondracocharizard87:
Hursmi - The Mother of Norway :icontromsogirl:
Percival - The Spiritual One :iconethankylehorn:
Warius - MMA Champion :icontromsoboy100:
Don the Charizard - The Texan
Darky - The Tag along Kid

Side Characters:
Dragon King Darrien - Leader of the Mystic Purples, Darrien possess a calm, wise, and serious personality. Be warned though, he has a short temper for wrong doings, and injustice. With the Staff of Orion, he is an extremely powerful godly being. Along with the other Dragon Kings, he, Elora, Hudron, Aklor, and Bahamut watch over different quadrants of the universe. It is his duty to watch over the Milky Way and Andromeda which include planets like Earth and Akerah. He is happily married to Elora, the Dragon Queen and together they train the Draconic Six as a new generation of heroes.
Dragon Queen Elora - Once ruler of the Avalar Kingdom centuries ago, Elora was originally a faun who obtained the ability to shapeshift into a dragon after her marriage with Dairren. She used to be headstrong and opinionated in her youth, but has long mellowed out while still retaining her passion and determination. She bears the Staff of Cygnus and watches over the Pinwheel and Whirlpool galaxies. Elora is the only female guardian of the four and while she is well acquainted with Hudron and Aklor, she is very close to Darrien and is willing to offer her guidance to the Draconic Six.
Supreme Dragon King BahamutThe leader of the Dragon Kings is Bahamut. He dwells on Mount Celestia, watching out over the world. He is wise and ancient, Bahamut has ruled the Dragon race with a fair and just hand since it's creation. He is stern and disapproving toward evil and foul acts, even those from petty thieves. On a daily basis, he opposes his sister Tiamat's schemes in their war. He greatly values the courage of brave warriors and great heroes, granting them help when need be. He cares much for his followers, giving them advice whenever they ask for it.
Lorena - Darrien's Bodyguard
Dragon King Hudron -
Dragon King Aklor -
The Keeper of Lore - The Current Chronicler
Bowser - King of the Koopas
Malefor - First Mystic Purple and former Nether Lord
Maria - The Female Knight
Cassius - Keeper of Lore's Apprentice
Angel - Rival to Cynder
Blue - Hero of Light
Pink - Heroine of Light
Blaze the Cat - Trainer of Dragons
Queen Arwen - Leader of Artisans
Rudy - Darrien's Best Friend and pet
Flame - Member of the Original Draconic Six
Ember - Malefor's daughter and Member of the Original Draconic Six
Yin - Dragon of Light and Member of the Original Draconic Six
Yang - Dragon of Darkness and Member of the Original Draconic Six

Toasty - The Dark Shepard
Gnasty Gnorc - The Gnorc King
Ripto - The Riptoc Mage
The Sorceress - Queen of the Rhynocs
Grendor - The Two Headed Rhynoc
The Sorcerer - Lord of the Undead
Master Octavian - Leader of the Slayers
Queen Ozul - Queen of the Dark Fairies
Shadow Garland - Copy of Garland
Shadow Emperor Mateus - Copy of Emperor Mateus
Shadow Cloud of Darkness - Copy of Cloud of Darkness
Shadow Golbez - Copy of Golbez
Shadow Exdeath - Copy of Exdeath
Shadow Kefka Palazzo - Copy of Kefka
Shadow Sephiroth - Copy of Sephiroth
Shadow Ultimecia - Copy of Ultimecia
Shadow Kuja - Copy of Kuja
Shadow Jecht - Copy of Jecht
Shadow Gabranth - Copy of Gabranth
Shadow Caius Ballad - Copy of Caius
Hazarous - Herald of Lucifer and the new Nether Lord
Dark Satan - Hazarous's Right hand man
Lucifer - Satan, The Devil, and the Prince of Darkness

Author's Note: Will be updated as I get word of new characters from Draco himself.
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