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Dissidia Final Fantasy Quīnque

Warriors of Cosmos
I - White Mage of Light
II - Ricard Highwind
IV - Yang Fang Leiden
VII - Zack Fair
VIII - Quistis Trepe
IX - Vivi
XIV - The Adventurer
XV - Noctis Caelum
XVI - Dairren
BBS - Aqua

Warriors of Chaos
I - Garland
II - Emperor Mateus
IV - Golbez
VII - Genesis
VIII - Seifer Almasy
IX - Kuja
XIV - Gaius Van Baelsar
XV - Stella Fleuret
XVI - Malefor
BBS - Vanitas

Dissidia Final Fantasy Sextus

Warriors of Cosmos
I - Bikke
II - Minwu
IV - Rydia
VI - Dustin Palazzo
VII - Barret Wallace
X-2 - Lenne
XIII - Sazh Katzroy
XIV - The Adventurer
XV - Noctis Caelum
XVI - Dairren
XVII - Bryce Bennett
BBS - Aqua
XVIII - ?????

Warriors of Chaos
I - Garland
II - Emperor Mateus
IV - Baigan
VI - Kefka Palazzo
VII - Rufus Shinra
X-2 - Shuyin
XIII - Cid Raines
XIV - Gaius Van Baelsar
XV - Idola Aldercapt
XVI - Malefor
XVII - Ariana
BBS - Vanitas
XVIII - ?????
Dissidia 005 and 006
Champions from many worlds, veterans and newcomers are summoned to a world where battle rages on. With their memories lost, they struggle for victory and a chance to return home. Friendships will be forged, bonds will be tested, will Cosmos's warriors have what it takes to win?

All of the above characters are copyright to Square-Enix, save for Dairren, Bryce, and Ariana who belong to me. All rights reserved.
Bahamut, The Dragon King
The chief deity of the Mystic Purples is Bahamut. He dwells in mountainous peaks of Carvis, watching out over the world. Long ago, he won the war against the Arculet Empire and became known as The Dragon King, an honoary title bestowed upon him.

Wise and ancient, Bahamut has ruled the Dragon race with a fair and just hand since it's creation. He is stern and disapproving toward evil and foul acts, even those from petty thieves. On a daily basis, he opposes his sister Tiamat's schemes in their war.

He greatly values the courage of brave warriors and great heroes, granting them help when need be. He cares much for his mate and for his kin, giving his children advice whenever they ask for it.


Strongest of the Four Fiends and chief deity of evil dragonkind, Tiamat is the sister of Bahamut. She dwells within the depths of Whisperwind Cove.

Greedy, vain, and arrogant, Tiamat is a five headed dragon who embodies all the sins (metaphorically speaking) of evil dragonkind, and very few of their weaknesses. She is most concerned with spreading evil, defeating do-gooders, and propagating evil dragons everywhere. From time to time, she will raze the occasional village, while her true schemes are hard to detect, she has been compared to a puppeteer that manipulates he own creations with within the shadows.

She is known as the Queen of Evil Dragons, or sometimes "Dark Queen". She demand reverence, homage, and tribute from her subjects.
Bahamut and Tiamat

This is how they will be portrayed in Final Fantasy XVI. They borrow some aspect from their Dungeons and Dragons incarnations.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Name: Luma
DOB: ????
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 77 lbs
Stages: Starlight (main), Earth (alt)
Specailty: Footwork/movement


Square- Block
Triangle- Jump

D-pad Left+X- Rocket Punch
D-Pad Down+X- Low Punch
D-Pad Up+X- Comet Uppercut
D-Pad Right+X- Back Punch

D-Pad Left+O- Lightning Kick
D-Pad Right+O- Flare Kick
D-Pad Up+O- Nova Kick
D-Pad Down+O- Asteroid Kick

Special (Starfall)
Up+Up+Left+O- Rising Comet

Luma swings his blade at the opponent, launching them up, then tosses the blade aside, and Uppercuts the opponent (leaving them stunned for about 5 seconds)

Special (Hand to hand)
2x D-Pad Rotation+(opponent direction)+X- Heaven's Break

Luma spins his arm like a generator crank, Generating Electricity, and then punches his opponent in the chest near the heart while announcing the move's name. (Stuns for 9 seconds)
Lumanare Maxima - Spyro Fantasy Fighter
To any DA Admins who see this: This is an OFFICAL Declaration that I hearby allow RetroDragon98 to post content related to my IP, and OC, Lumanare Maxima.

Luma is owned and created by :iconplayon999:
Name: Bowser Koopa
DOB: 8/4/1964
Height: 6'5.75"
Weight: 470 lbs
Stage: Koopa Kastle

B - Swipe
A - Back Lunge
Y - Koopa Shell
X - Punch

D-pad Left+ B - Koopa Klaw
D-Pad Down+ B - Stomp
D-Pad Up+ B - Fire Breath
D-Pad Right+ B - Sliding Punch

D-Pad Left+ A - Spiky Roll
D-Pad Right+ A - Lunge
D-Pad Up+ A - Whirling Fortress
D-Pad Down+ A - Bowser Bomb

Up + Y - Giant Bowser
Grows into larger proportions and goes on a destructive rampage.

Profile: The fearsome Koopa King who constantly kidnapped Princess Peach and tried to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. In spite of his ruthless demeanor, Bowser does show his good moments on every occasion.
Bowser Koopa - Spyro Fantasy Fighter
Unlockable character that is exclusive to the Nintendo version of Spyro Fantasy Fighter.

Bowser is owned and created by Nintendo.
Name: Draco Saurus-Rex
DOB: 11/16/1987
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 199.5 lbs
Stage: Pokemon Stadium

B - Scratch
A - Tail Whip
Y - Block
X - Wing Attack

D-pad Left+ B - Slash
D-Pad Down+ B - Earthquake
D-Pad Up+ B - Flamethrower
D-Pad Right+ B - Dragon Claw

D-Pad Left+ A - Fly
D-Pad Right+ A - Skull Bash
D-Pad Up+ A - Fire Spin
D-Pad Down+ A - Fire Blast

Up + Y - Blast Burn
Draco unleashes a powerful stream of flames, but must recharge for a period of time after using the attack

Profile: Draco is a Charizard with very unique characteristics. He has a strong sense of kindness and friendship who strives to do what he feel is right. He is usually with Cynder and Bowser.
Draco Saurus Rex - Spyro Fantasy Fighter
Unlockable character that is exclusive to the Nintendo version of Spyro Fantasy Fighter.

Draco is owned and created by :icondracocharizard87:
Charizard is owned and created by Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company.
I got thinking about it, and decided to show a small piece of Twisted in Time. So without further ado, here it is.

Princess Alys: "A dragon...? I never thought I would actually meet one, having thought they were just a myth from the stories I heard as a child. But at least I know they really aren't. It's such a high honor to meet you! I'll start by introducing myself. I am Alys, the Princess of Fairwater."

Princess Alys: "Dad, Spyro helped saved the kingdom. We owe him our sincerest gratitude."

There will also be a major plot twist in Twisted in Time, and it's about one of the characters.
It will be very shocking indeed.
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Hope you all enjoy what you read, much effort was spent on it.

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