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Dragon King Darrien has increased magical power beyond what he used to have, his strength and powers were doubled when Lord Orion unlocked Darrien's hidden potential, thus making him a full god. He was also given the Staff of Orion as a parting gift, with it Darrien became an all-powerful being. Nowadays Darrien can do anything, given all the power he has.

He is considered the most powerful being in the Thirteen Realms of the Greebus sector.

Mystic Purple Abilities
Elemental Breath: Fire Breath - Ice Breath - Electric Breath - Water Breath - Earth Breath - Light Breath - Convexity Breath
Magic: Fireball - Triple Flameball - Exploding Fireball - Cometfall - Firestorm - Napalm Strike - The Daybringer Flame - Hail- Snowstorm - Glacier - Avalanche - Ice Beam - Deep Freeze - Shock - Tribolt - Thunderstorm - Drizzle - Riptide - Tsunami - Cyclone - Hurricane - Mudball - Earthquake - Holy - Banish - Meteor - Ultima
Ki Attacks: Aether Blaster (Darrien's version of Final Flash), Aether Bomb (Darrien's spin of Death Ball), Galaxy Crusher
Godlike Strength
Godlike Stamina
Dark Magic Immunity
Fear Inducement
Dragon Creation
Cosmic Awareness
Divine Combat
Chaotic Form

Dragon King Abilities
Weather Manipulation
Power Negation
Reality Warping
Animal Communication
Size Enhancement (Advanced Level)
Summon Spells:
Basic: Chocobo, Bomb, Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Titan, Elemental Monolith, Jack Frost
Advanced: Lailah, Knights of the Round, Odin, Behemoth, Leviathan, Ziz, Bahamut, Ragadibidoda

Darrien is the leader of the Mystic Purples and one of the Dragon Kings, and is vastly way more powerful than all Mystic Purples, but Malefor potentially rivals his powers.

Harming, Misleading and Trapping
Mystic Purples - While normal dragons can't physically hurt Darrien, with their own strength, Mystic Purples can physically hurt each other. He is considerably stronger than Selena and Baros, however Darrien's power is potentially rivaled by Malefor's but Darrien is ultimately stronger.
Dragonbane - Darrien is more immune to Dragonbane than normal dragons, it can't kill him, but it can slow him down.
The Hulk - As a being of immense strength, The Hulk can bring harm to Darrien but can't kill him.
Thor Odinson - God of Thunder and Prince of Asgard, Thor can damage Darrien.
Elsa - As a powerful mutant, Elsa is powerful to freeze Darrien in ice for a short time.

Banishing or Destroying
Bahamut - As the head Dragon King, and the most powerful dragon in existence, Bahamut can kill Darrien.
The Darkness - As a primordial force, It can kill Darrien.
The Aether Blade - Being powered by the Aether Stone, the blade can kill Darrien.
The Legenday Beasts - Being the most powerful monsters in existence Behemoth, Leviathan, and Ziz can destroy Darrien. Their abilities surpass even archangels.
Death - As literally the bringer of Death, he can kill any being, including Darrien.
Death's Scythe - As the scythe was even able to kill Death, it can therefore kill Darrien.
The Old Gods - As these gods are older than the universe itself, they can drive Darrien mad and outright kill him.
Excalibur - As the most powerful sword in existence, bar none, it can kill Darrien.
Archangels - Being Heaven's most powerful forces, these beings can take Darrien out of the picture. Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel can all kill Darrien.
Dragon King Darrien - Powers and Abilities
Darrien's powers & abilities in Hero Squadron and Dragon Heroes.



Main Characters
Cynder the Dragon
Draco the Charizard

Side Characters
Dragon Master Blaze Felini
Dragon King Hudron
Dragon King Aklor
Dragon Queen Elora
Dragon King Darrien
Supreme Dragon King Bahamut

Dragon Heroes Characters
Will be updated as time goes on.
Shinryu's fighting style is described as Dragon Lord. He is capable of casting high level magic and using very powerful abilities.

Bravery Attacks
Holy Breath
Celestial Eye
Dark Matter
Gyre Charge
Tidal Wave

HP Attacks
Atomic Ray
Cataclysmic Vortex
Cosmic Breath
Mighty Guard
Aerial Slash

Ex Mode - Verus Shinryu
Shinryu assumes his Verus form, becoming gold and red. His power also gains an immense boost.

Ex Burst - Savage Roar
Shinryu let out a very loud roar that sends fear into the opponent, hit the buttons correctly to cause massive non-elemental damage.
Shinryu's Dissidia Abilities
Shinryu is copyright to Square Enix.
Archangels are the strongest type of angel, being bafflingly powerful, and are looked at heaven's fearsome wrath. It was indicated that they were the very first type of angels ever created. They were created in this order: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, and Gabriel. Michael is the mightiest but also the most loyal and obedient, Lucifer is God's most loved but also the most prideful and avaricious, Raphael was the most ruthless and imperious, while Gabriel with the most kindess and most caring.

The Archangels
Michael - Heaven's Leader
Lucifer - Formerly
Raphael - Heaven's Emisionary
Gabriel - Heaven's Pet Keeper
Metatron - Scribe of God
Asariel - Angel of the Moon

Seraphim are a higher class of angel, above normal angels such as Lailah and Castiel, but lower in status than archangels. They've worked under the command of the archangels for at least 6 millennia. The only known Seraphs are Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Samael, and Leviathan.

The Seraphim
Beelzebub - Formerly
Asmodeus- Formerly
Samael - Formerly, now known as Satan
Leviathan - Formerly

Angels are powerful, celestial beings created by God to serve as his attendants and messengers, but also as soldiers in his war against Lucifer and his demons. They are native to Heaven and are imbued with both holy white light as well as considerable power.

Angels are one of the most powerful entities in the series, generally outclassing all demons, monsters, and other supernatural creatures with the exception of the Leviathans, Echidna, The Horsemen, and God Himself.

Lailah - Angel of the Night
Castiel - Angel of Thursday
Host of Heaven
Part actual Christian Lore, Part Role Play or Creative Licensed stuff.

Lailah and the Archangels are copyright to me.
The Crown Princes of Hell appear to be the most high ranking; above the Kings. As for the military titles of Hell's Army, these are the same as for the human military. Their rank has to do with their spiritual powers. Always remember, Demons show us how we can help ourselves and advance spiritually.

Demons who belonged to certain orders often specialize in certain abilities and powers.

Princes of Hell
Lucifer - Pride
Mammon - Greed
Leviathan - Envy
Asmodeus - Lust
Beelzebub - Gluttony
Satan - Wrath
Belphegor - Sloth

Azazel - King of Hell
Bhabam - Devil of Sulfur and Brimstone, Marquis of Demise, Duke of Flames
Abaddon - Knight of Hell
Mephistopheles - King of the Crossroads

Gomosuhm - One of Bhabam's Generals
Beelruhm - One of Bhabam's Generals
Seirzhal - One of Bhabam's Generals
Heanoch - One of Bhabam's Generals

Special Figures in Hell
Minos - Judge of the Damned
Tiamat - Hell's Watcher
Hell's Hierarchy
Part actual Christian Lore, Part Role Play or Creative Licensed stuff.

Nobility Rankings of Hell:
  • Prince
  • King
  • Marquis
  • Duke
  • Earl
  • President

The Seven Princes,. Bhabam, and his Four Generals are copyright to Me.


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