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I'll be shooting for my own hand.
If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?
Come on, face me why don't yae!

Merida vs
Warrior of Light:
Garland: I will break your feeble arrows!
Reyan: I doubt you can stand against Hell.
The Emperor: You will do as a ruler says.
Onion Knight: I doubt you're as fast as me.
Cloud of Darkness:
Cecil: Fate can often steer us in the right path.
Exdeath: Arrows like your seep into the Void.
Dustin: I'll freeze your arrows.
Kefka: An archer is no match for me.
Cloud: Stead strong brave archer.
Zidane: Oh aren't you just pretty.
Kuja: You should act like a proper princess.
Tidus: Woah, don't shoot at me!
Dairren: A princess should show know when to be proper.
Malefor: This world will cease to exist as you know it.
Slenderman: Perhaps you should come and join me.
Hao Asukura: Your strength is almost as strong as a shaman.
Albert Wesker: You should bow before a god.
Theresa The Seeress: Why have you sought me out child?
Jack of Blades: Only a hero can defeat me, and youre no hero.
Chaos: Your arrows shall turn ash.
Shiva: You would be so much more beautiful if you behaved.
Ifrit: I'll burn your arrows to a crisp.
Leviathan: I don't think arrows work while they're wet.

Vs Merida
Warrior of Light: Yae radiate magnifiicent light.
Garland: Your uber strong just like my dad.
Firion: What do yae fight for?
Reyan: I will not let yae be one of my suitors.
Cassius: I think we'd get along just fine.
The Emperor: I wish yae would just listen!
Onion Knight: Such a wee kid learning how tae fight.
Cloud of Darkness: Dark days go away.
Cecil: That's such a neat sword yae have.
Golbez: Something tells me yae not human, are yae?
Bartz: Such a free spirit, I like yae!
Exdeath: Yae will not send anything back to this Void!
Terra: I can help yae out.
Dustin: Can yae put up a good fight against my arrows?
Kefka: Yae crooked clown, yae not be getting away.
Cloud: How can tae even wield a sword like that?
Sephiroth: I will not give in, no matter what.
Squall: My mum says legends are lessons.
Ultimecia: Yae cursed witch.
Zidane: I am just fine being on my own.
Kuja: Let's see what yae can do!
Tidus: We all have important dreams at times.
Jecht: Yae must be really popular, what yer secret?
Shantotto: I didn't know such powerful magic existed.
Vaan: The sky sure is beautiful at sunset.
Gabranth: Yae shall be the judge of me!
Lightning: Can yae strike faster than my arrows?
Caius: Time is not for yae to meddle with.
Dairren: Yer a king, just like me dad.
Malefor: Foul beast, just wait until yae meet my arrows.
Slenderman: I am not scared of yae the least bit.
Hao Asukura: Screw yer new world order.
Albert Wesker: Such strength, where did yae get it?
Theresa The Seeress: Yae think can change my fate?
Jack of Blades: Yae think can stand up tae my arrows?
Allan: What are those things?
Chaos: Just what are yae anyway?
Shiva: I'll need tae stay warm for this one.
Ifrit: Such intense fire from a beast.
Leviathan: Never seen the ocean in me life.

Woohoo! I did it!
I followed the rules.
No need to change me fate now.

I failed my clan..
I must change my fate.
What is this place?
Welcome to peace of our time.
Alright, it's time for some fun.
There's only one path to peace, your extiction.

Ultron vs
Warrior of Light:
Garland: How could a robot hope to defeat me?
Reyan: I wonder if you have a soul.
Cassius: Metal form or not, I will beat you.
The Emperor: You had best surrender yourself.
Onion Knight: You're just all talk.
Cloud of Darkness:
Cecil: I believe I can do this.
Exdeath: A meteor is nothing compared to the Void.
Dustin: You're not any sort of magitek...
Kefka: Eh, you kill for a sole reason.
Cloud: You're not getting by me.
Zidane: Never faced a robot before.
Kuja: Perhaps it's best if we skip to your finale.
Dairren: You will never wipe the world out.
Malefor: So it seems we share a common goal.
Slenderman: You are unnatural and need to perish.
Hao Asakura: In a Shaman only world, you wouldn't exist.
Albert Wesker: You're a machine, nothing more.
Theresa the Seeress: I foresee your body of metal being ruined.
Jack of Blades: And here I thought I was the soulless one.
Allan: This may be a little hard...
Chaos: I see there is another weapon in our midst.
Shiva: Even metal can break when it gets cold.
Ifrit: I'll melt you down to a puddle.
Leviathan: Think you can win before you rust?

Vs Ultron
Warrior of Light: I take their hope from them first.
Garland: A tin can to be scrapped.
Firion: A walking armory soon to be burned.
Reyan: It will take more than hell to stop me.
Cassius: Say goodbye to this world and all you hold dear.
The Emperor: The world will have no need for an emperor.
Onion Knight: Children do not belong in a fight.
Cloud of Darkness: In the end, there will be only me.
Cecil: Two forces cannot hope to stop me.
Golbez: You shall be my meteor to the world.
Bartz: The wind shall stop blowing.
Exdeath: The Void has no meaning here.
Terra: I can teach you how to control that power.
Dustin: Magic cannot best my abilities.
Kefka: Is this some sort of joke?
Cloud: How can you expect accomplish anything?
Sephiroth: I too seek to ruin everything.
Squall: It is usless to resist me, humans are obsolete.
Ultimecia: Time shall not be compressed.
Zidane: I will eliminate this threat.
Kuja: Death does not pose any threat at all to me.
Tidus: Go back to the time of your dream.
Jecht: What could you possibly do against me?
Shantotto: The world will have no need for heroes.
Vaan: This boy shall learn his dream shall be merely a dream.
Gabranth: I am the only one capable of judging this world.
Lightning: I can tell you're going to be a nuisance.
Caius: Time will cease to be altered.
Dairren: A demigod has no right to exist any longer.
Malefor: You too seek to destroy the world.
Slenderman: Your wood will cease to exist.
Hao Asakura: There will be only a world of metal in the end.
Albert Wesker: There is no place for gods in my world.
Theresa the Seeress: All seeress's shall perish.
Jack of Blades: You're a coldblooded killer that needs to go.
Allan: You think those beings can stop me?
Chaos: Even the supernatural shall become extict.
Shiva: Not quite what I was expecting.
Ifrit: You'll be quite useful in my exterimination.
Leviathan: I will blast you into pieces.

That was dramatic.
And now, I'm free...There are no strings on me...
Mission accomplished.
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

Oh for gods sake!
My mission has failed.
I am Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyans!
I bow to no one.
A Saiyan always keeps his pride!
Tell me, have you ever felt true fear?

Vegeta vs
Warrior of Light:
Garland: A prince has no place in battle.
Reyan: Prince of all Saiyans, meet the Prince of Hell.
The Emperor: What is a prince to an emperor?
Onion Knight: Don't underestimate me because I'm a kid.
Cloud of Darkness:
Cecil: Your ways of bloodshed end here.
Exdeath: Your power is meaningless before the Void.
Dustin: I have a lesson for you, humility.
Kefka: I've killed more guys than youuu.
Cloud: It all ends here.
Zidane: Wow, this guy sure seems tough.
Kuja: This death shall be your last.
Dairren: Let's see if your ki can outmatch my magic.
Malefor: You are alone here on the battlefield.
Slenderman: Your son is mine, Vegeta.
Hao Asakura: Seems we've both been to Hell before.
Albert Wesker: I might actually have to try against you.
Theresa the Seeress: Your attacks are nothing against me.
Jack of Blades: You'd make a great host.
Chaos: In the end, nothing will matter.
Shiva: Can you withstand my magic?
Ifrit: Well I might have fun with you.
Leviathan: A prince should bow to a king.

Vs Vegeta
Warrior of Light: You expect this light to defeat me?
Garland: Just a mindless brute like Nappa.
Firion: You aim to bring me down with these weapons? Ha!
Reyan: Don't expect to get lucky here kid.
The Emperor: I will show you what true pride means.
Onion Knight: Get lost kid.
Cloud of Darkness: I will cut this monster down to size.
Cecil: Light and darkness are nothing before me!
Golbez: I will you show you true might.
Bartz: Run if you can coward.
Exdeath: I will destroy you completely.
Terra: You fear your own power? That's a laugh.
Dustin: You think you're any match for me?
Kefka: Just like that clown, Kakarot.
Cloud: Doubting youself will get you nowhere.
Sephiroth: I will enjoy this challenge.
Squall: This won't be any challenge at all.
Ultimecia: Time is but a folly.
Zidane: Begone from my sight monkey!
Kuja: I've come back from the dead before.
Tidus: I have no time for games!
Jecht: I trust you'll give me a good workout.
Shantotto: You seem just as prideful as myself.
Vaan: A kid wants to travel the sky? Keep dreaming.
Gabranth: What right do you have to judge me!
Lightning: Just try and keep up, if you can.
Caius: What a sad story you live.
Dairren: I won't bow to the likes of a dragon!
Malefor: So you just you can destroy the planet, huh?
Slenderman: Time to put you down for good.
Hao Asakura: This Shaman thinks he can defeat me?
Albert Wesker: A human attempting to play god, huh?
Theresa the Seeress: I care not what you have to say.
Jack of Blades: I hope you put up a good fight.
Chaos: Not even gods are any match for me.
Shiva: When I'm done, you'll be shattered.
Ifrit: Hell is where you belong, freak.
Leviathan: Bug off you freakish serpent!
I am Ganondorf and soon I will rule the world!
Do you realize who you're dealing with?
Pathetic little fool!

Ganondorf vs
Warrior of Light:
Garland: I will crush that blade of yours!
Reyan: Not even Hell wants this fiend.
The Emperor: What's this, another conquerer?
Onion Knight: Didn't you lose against a child before?
Cloud of Darkness:
Cecil: I will give it my all.
Exdeath: Drown in your petty schemes.
Dustin: My empire will not fall to you.
Kefka: There won't be anything left for you to rule!
Cloud: You won't succeed.
Zidane: What kind of riches do you have?
Kuja: Just another spider trapped in fate's web.
Dairren: Don't even get the idea.
Malefor: This world will be destroyed, you along with it.
Hao Asakura: Finally, a worthy one for my new world.
Albert Wesker: You are not worthy to lead a new world order.
Slenderman: You think you can take my place.
Theresa the Seeress: I don't foresee your coronation at any time.
Jack of Blades: Only one of us is fit to wield such power.
Chaos: I control the power you seek.
Shiva:  I've frozen worse foes than you.
Ifrit: I'd like to see you survive my flames.
Leviathan: Don't kid yourself, you're no king.

Vs Ganondorf
Warrior of Light: Your light will not be enough.
Garland: An impressive looking blade... but nothing more.
Firion: Those weapons will not grant you victory.
The Emperor: An Emperor has no place in battle.
Onion Knight: Naive little child.
Cloud of Darkness: Return to wence you came.
Cecil: Twilight shall fall upon the world.
Golbez: So it seems we have a traitor in the midst?
Bartz: The wind... it is... blowing...
Exdeath: I will burn this tree to the ground.
Terra: Why have power, when you cannot use it?
Kefka: Despicable clown, you will perish before me.
Cloud: What a weak blade compared to mine.
Sephiroth: You will taste true power.
Ultimecia: Time is but an illusion.
Zidane: You are but a common thief, while I am their king.
Kuja: Death is nothing compared to me.
Tidus: This isn't a sports game, kid.
Shantotto: Your power is no match.
Vaan: I will deal with you now cretin.
Gabranth: You dare to judge your new king?
Lightning: I will soon hold all the authority in the world.
Caius: Your ambitions are nothing before me.
Dairren: Even your kingdom will be mine.
Malefor: This pitiful dragon shall be slain.
Hao Asakura: You so have grand ambitions as well?
Albert Wesker: My power comes from the gods themselves.
Slenderman: You cannot hide within your woods.
Theresa the Seeress: Bow before me seeress.
Jack of Blades: I am the only worthy one.
Zelda: At last Zelda, you are mine.
Salome: Never knew she had a cousin.
Chaos: Only I will will reigh supreme in the end.
Shiva: Your ice pales in comparision.
Ifrit: These flames are mediorce at best.
Leviathan: Your attempts to drown me will be futile.

You were no match against me.

Do not think that this ends here...
Death cannot keep me down.
I still need Courage and Wisdom...
I am very good in combat.
I will show you!
Time my training paid off.
Don't underestimate me.

Maria Dawnblaze vs
Warrior of Light:
Garland: A female knight in the front lines?
Reyan: I can't say a female knight surprises me.
The Emperor: You should join my ranks.
Onion Knight: Doubt me all you want, I'll come out on top.
Cloud of Darkness:
Cecil: I've never met a female knight before, it's an honor.
Exdeath: Your sword can't help you here.
Dustin: Think you're grown enough to defeat me?
Kefka: What's this, a female knight?
Cloud: Show me your prowess with the blade.
Zidane: Oh, you're so pretty.
Kuja: I think you need to act more proper.
Dairren: Come Maria, let's train.
Maria: I will get better!
Malefor: Pity you have no powers unlike your father.
Slenderman: You'll make an excellent Proxy.
Hao Asakura: You're not a shaman, what are you?
Albert Wesker: I don't have time to play with little girls.
Theresa the Seeress: I've trained many heroes before you.
Jack of Blades: Spilling your blood should be child's play.
Luma: The Granddaughter of Bahamut... lets see if you can live up to it.
Kasai: Heh, maybe I can show you a few tricks!
Glitchy: Oh my... your so cute!
Nightfall: Do you fear the Darkness?
Aitos: Show me what you got, Soilder!
Chaos: May the fires of discord swallow you.
Shiva: I'm proud of you, Child.
Ifrit: Well aren't you a fiery one?
Leviathan: Defeat me and my power is yours.

Vs. Maria Dawnblaze
Warrior of Light: I'll admit, I've never fought a paladin before.
Garland: Don't you ever tire of the fight?
Firion: My that's a lot of weapons.
Reyan: I envy those hell powers of yours.
The Emperor: You certainly won't conquer my home!
Onion Knight: Aren't you a little young to be fighting?
Cloud of Darkness: Nothingness will ever come!
Cecil: Neat. So there's two sides to you.
Golbez: Hopefully you will find the light someday.
Bartz: I just love a good adventure.
Exdeath: I won't allow you to do this!
Terra: Please don't be afraid.
Dustin: Guess you must be my uncle?
Kefka: You sad sad clown.
Cloud: Doesn't that sword get heavy?
Sephiroth: You won't bring ruin to this world.
Squall: Nice gunblade you got there.
Ultimecia: I got all the time in the world.
Zidane: Eh, okay, maybe just one.
Kuja: Hehe, I'll out sass you alright.
Tidus: The beach sure sounds nice.
Jecht: Try and keep up with me old man.
Shantotto: That is a lot power.
Vaan: I've never flown before in my life.
Gabranth: Don't judge a redhead.
Lightning: Let's see who the better swordman is here,.
Caius: You won't tear time apart just for one girl.
Dairren: I'll show you my skills dad.
Maria: I will get better!
Malefor: Malefor, your defeat is neigh!
Slenderman: Just try and get past my blade.
Slenderman: You'll make an excellent Proxy.
Hao Asakura: I am a knight, that's what I am!
Albert Wesker: Underestimate me and it will your last breath.
Theresa the Seeress: Who were these other heroes?
Jack of Blades: Show me if you're good or not.
Luma: I do get the feeling is proud of me, Starlightian.
Kasai: Just what can you teach me?
Glitchy: Well, that's bizzarre.
Nightfall: I fear nothing at all.
Aitos: I won't be holding back here.
Chaos: You'll be perfect for hunting.
Shiva: I promise to keep up.
Ifrit: I want some powers of my own.
Leviathan: Well, it's worth a shot.

One step closer.
A new day, a new adventure.
My knight training has paid off.

I suck at this...
I'll be a good knight someday.
I can't lose now!

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