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Dragon King Darrien - Powers and Abilities
Dragon King Darrien has increased magical power beyond what he used to have, his strength and powers were doubled when Lord Orion unlocked Darrien's hidden potential, thus making him a full god. He was also given the Staff of Orion as a parting gift, with it Darrien became an all-powerful being. Nowadays Darrien can do anything, given all the power he has.
He is considered the most powerful being in the Thirteen Realms of the Greebus sector.
Mystic Purple Abilities
Elemental Breath: Fire Breath - Ice Breath - Electric Breath - Water Breath - Earth Breath - Light Breath - Convexity Breath
Magic: Fireball - Triple Flameball - Exploding Fireball - Cometfall - Firestorm - Napalm Strike - The Daybringer Flame - Hail- Snowstorm - Glacier - Avalanche - Ice Beam - Deep Freeze - Shock - Tribolt - Thunderstorm - Drizzle - Riptide - Tsunami - Cyclone - Hurricane - Mudball - Earthquake - Holy - Banish - Meteor - Ultima
Ki Attacks: Aether Blaster (Darrien's version of Final Flash), Aether Bo
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Dragon Heroes Characters
Main Characters
Cynder the Dragon
Draco the Charizard
Side Characters
Dragon Master Blaze Felini
Dragon King Hudron
Dragon King Aklor
Dragon Queen Elora
Dragon King Darrien
Supreme Dragon King Bahamut
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Shinryu's Dissidia Abilities
Shinryu's fighting style is described as Dragon Lord. He is capable of casting high level magic and using very powerful abilities.
Bravery Attacks
Holy Breath
Celestial Eye
Dark Matter
Gyre Charge
Tidal Wave
HP Attacks
Atomic Ray
Cataclysmic Vortex
Cosmic Breath
Mighty Guard
Aerial Slash
Ex Mode - Verus Shinryu
Shinryu assumes his Verus form, becoming gold and red. His power also gains an immense boost.
Ex Burst - Savage Roar
Shinryu let out a very loud roar that sends fear into the opponent, hit the buttons correctly to cause massive non-elemental damage.
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Host of Heaven
Archangels are the strongest type of angel, being bafflingly powerful, and are looked at heaven's fearsome wrath. It was indicated that they were the very first type of angels ever created. They were created in this order: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, and Gabriel. Michael is the mightiest but also the most loyal and obedient, Lucifer is God's most loved but also the most prideful and avaricious, Raphael was the most ruthless and imperious, while Gabriel with the most kindess and most caring.
The Archangels
Michael - Heaven's Leader
Lucifer - Formerly
Raphael - Heaven's Emisionary
Gabriel - Heaven's Pet Keeper
Metatron - Scribe of God
Asariel - Angel of the Moon
Seraphim are a higher class of angel, above normal angels such as Lailah and Castiel, but lower in status than archangels. They've worked under the command of the archangels for at least 6 millennia. The only known Seraphs are Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Samael, and Leviathan.
The Seraphim
Beelzebub - Formerly
Asmodeus- For
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Hell's Hierarchy
The Crown Princes of Hell appear to be the most high ranking; above the Kings. As for the military titles of Hell's Army, these are the same as for the human military. Their rank has to do with their spiritual powers. Always remember, Demons show us how we can help ourselves and advance spiritually.
Demons who belonged to certain orders often specialize in certain abilities and powers.
Princes of Hell
Lucifer - Pride
Mammon - Greed
Leviathan - Envy
Asmodeus - Lust
Beelzebub - Gluttony
Satan - Wrath
Belphegor - Sloth
Azazel - King of Hell
Bhabam - Devil of Sulfur and Brimstone, Marquis of Demise, Duke of Flames
Abaddon - Knight of Hell
Mephistopheles - King of the Crossroads
Gomosuhm - One of Bhabam's Generals
Beelruhm - One of Bhabam's Generals
Seirzhal - One of Bhabam's Generals
Heanoch - One of Bhabam's Generals
Special Figures in Hell
Minos - Judge of the Damned
Tiamat - Hell's Watcher
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Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Remake
Title: Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
Genre: Action RPG
Rating: Everyone 10+
Developer: Insomniac Games
Publishers: Square Enix
Platform: Playstation 4, Wii U, Xbox One
Region: JP, NA, EU, AUS
Music Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
After leaving the Artisans realm with the defeat of Gnasty Gnorc, he travels across the regions and headed for an island which is said to hold a fantastic resort, the Dragon Shores. Spyro and Sparx decided that it would be a fantastic place to get some rest and relaxtion. But they are unaware that their vacation is about to be disrupted by an oncoming threat somewhere across the realms.
Far away from the Dragon Realms lies the beautiful and spiritual land of Avalar. The bitter and twisted Ripto, along with his henchmen Crush and Gulp, has taken control and installed himself as ruler of the land. Princess Elora and her two friends Hunter and the Professor escaped to where they decided to seek help to rid themselves of the diminutive dictator. After learning tha
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Spyro the Dragon Remake
Title: Spyro the Dragon
Genre: Action RPG
Rating: Everyone 10+
Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: Playstation 4, Wii U, Xbox One
Region: JP, NA, EU, AUS
Music Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Once upon a time, the Dragon Realms was a place of peace and purity. The dragons lived happily in their realms for thousands of years, until one day, an evil king named Gnasty Gnorc appeared. In his quest to dominate the Dragon Realms, Gnasty Gnorc unleashed a spell that turned dragons into stone and he sent forth an army of monsters to run amok causing chaos and destruction. With Gnasty Gnorc ruling the Dragon Realms, all hope seemed lost, and the world needs a hero.
Meet Spyro, a young and radical purple dragon with a taste of adventure and survivor of Gnasty's invasion. On his journey to take down the evil Gnorc King, Spyro must use his skills and ingenuity to overcome one challenge after another as he battles through the villages, deserts, mountains, swamps, for
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About Chromatic Dragons
Chromatic dragon is a classification of dragon found in the role playing game D&D and Spyro the Dragon. In this setting, chromatic dragons are typically of evil alignment. They contrast to the metallic dragons, which are typically of good alignment.
Tiamat is the queen of chromatic dragons. Chromatic dragons have played a large role in various D&D monster compilation books: white, black, green, blue and red dragons being the classic chromatic dragons.
Long ago, a large group of chromatic dragons felt a sudden change of heart and rebelled against Tiamat and imprisonsed her in Hell. They later went on to form the Artisan clan, with their new leader Revlar.
Black Dragon
Black dragons are the most vile-tempered and cruel of all chromatic dragons, apart from the fact that they love to bargain. Physically, black dragons are most distinguished by their horns, which protrude from the sides of their heads and wrap around, projecting forward. A large frill ador
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Flame Tropes
Spyro's little best friend. He is a young dragon who is more shy and reserved than his older, lawful and serious counterpart. Although he is a meek and timid dragon, Flame has shown plenty of times to be brave.
Adorably Precocious Child
Adorkable: All part of his appeal.
Ascended Extra: Since A Hero's Tail and Shadow Legacy.
Badass: He may be a little kid dragon, but he is able to pull his weight.
- Badass Adorable
Berserk Button: Calling him a wimp, ignoring him, and threatening Spyro's well-being.
Beware the Nice Ones: He is more than willing to go all out towards anyone who threatens Spyro's life.
Big Brother Worship/Hero Worshipper: Towards Spyro.
Blow You Away: Specializes more on the wind element.
Breath Weapon: Obviously since he's a dragon.
Character Development: Starts off shy, timid, and easily scared, but as the series went on, he becomes slightly stronger and braver while still retaining his kind demeanor.
Cheerful Child: Highly optimistic and upbeat.
Deadpan Snarker: Has b
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Shinryu, the Divine Dragon Tropes
The ancient dragon that dwells in the Dimensional Rift. Like Cid of The Lufaine, Shinryu also has a role of much greater importance in this game.
Voiced by: ???????? (Japanese), ??????? (English)
Ascended Extra: Originally Shinryu was just a Bonus Boss, and no other game gave him a larger role than that. Here, Shinryu may be the most powerful being in existence.
Bigger Bad: The actual cause of the cycles of war, but you never even see his proper form, just a glowing aura representing him.
Crystal Dragon Jesus: In a very literal sense, though he isn't worshiped as the trope usually indicates, nor is he particularly benevolent.
Deal with the Devil: With Cid in the very beginning. He's the devil in this arrangement.
Hoist by His Own Petard: He intended to perfect Chaos into the ultimate destructive weapon. In Scenario 000, he gets exactly what he asked for — unfortunately, it worked far too well for him, as now Feral Chaos is targeting him next. It's only thanks to the Cosmos' Warri
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Chaos, God of Discord Tropes
The god of Discord and Big Bad of Final Fantasy I and, if this game is any indication, the whole series, born from the hatred and time traveling escapades of Garland, as well as the power of the four Fiends. He seeks to defeat Cosmos through the cycles of battle and become ruler of the world, relying on a plan set in place by the Emperor and Garland.
In Descent of Chaos, his backstory is revealed in full. He is a "perfect" Manikin created by Cid 2000 years in the past of Final Fantasy. When he, Cid, and a manikin of his mother named Cosmos, were drawn into the world the games take place in, they made a pact with Shinryu to have beings from other worlds fight to endow Shinryu and Chaos with more power until they can go home. As such, the Final Fantasy Chaos and this Chaos are apparently not the same being.
Voiced by: Norio Wakamoto (Japanese), Keith David (English)
Artificial Human: Well, the "human" part is questionable. Point is, like Cosmos and the Warrior of Light, Chaos too is an a
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Cosmos, Goddess of Harmony Tropes
Cosmos is the goddess of harmony that opposes Chaos in Dissidia: Final Fantasy. She once failed to gain the cooperation of the Crystals, ultimately losing her battle against Chaos, but not the war, before the game's events.
In the Descent of Chaos secret ending, it's revealed that after Cid was freed from his imprisonment in Scenario 000, he and Cosmos were revived. Cosmos refuses Cid's offer to join him and remains behind as the god of the world. This makes her the most likely of all the characters in the Dissidia games to have definitely not survived the events of the games, as the world she stays behind in is due to fade from existence, according to Cid. Then again...
Voiced by: Sumi Shimamoto (Japanese), Veronica Taylor (English)
Artificial Human: Is a Manikin of Chaos' mother figure, infused with her memories via a Lufenian memory-passing ritual.
The Atoner: For originally serving Cid faithfully and sending her warriors to die in the previous cycles to strengthen Chaos.
Back from
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Xemnas Tropes
The leader of Organization XIII, the Nobody of Xehanort, Ansem the Wise's first apprentice, and the Big Bad of Kingdom Hearts II.
Voiced by: Norio Wakamoto (Japanese), Paul St Peter (English)
A God Am I: Creator materials state his public mission to use Kingdom Hearts to bestow hearts on himself and the other members was a lie; his true intent is to absorb its power to reshape the universe.
All Your Powers Combined: In the first stage of his final boss sequence, he can use the weapons of various other Organization members (namely, everyone who died in KHII). Word of God states that he may even have a Keyblade, as he is the Nobody of Master Xehanort's heart from Terra's body, but may have chosen simply to not use it. It was likely to keep up the appearances of the false goal of the Organization.
Anti-Villain: Played with. He certainly tries to present himself as a person who simply wants to be able to experience emotions again. However, behind that sorrowful mask is a sociopath that wan
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Gaius van Baelsar Tropes
Gaius is a proud and powerful soldier who holds absolute belief in the ideals of the Palamecia Empire. Believing that World B is plagued with chaos and strife, he seeks to deliver the stability and absolute order that would come with Palamecian rule.
Voiced by: Richard Epcar (English)
Affably Evil
Animal Motifs: Wolves.
Anti-Villain: Gaius is a more benevolent conqueror that Nael van Darnus.
Arm Cannon: Type II.
Asskicking Equals Authority: He is regarded both as a powerful warrior and shrewd administrator. He even got his position as viceroy of Ala Mhigo by being the man who conquered it!
Badass Longcoat Wears a red and black long coat that makes him certainly imposing.
Badass Normal: Gaius as a Garlean is incapable of using magic. Everything he does in his boss fight is a combination of his abilities as a Master Swordsman and his Magitek Powered Armor.
Black Knight: Wears black armor, and has a sense of honor.
Bling of War: His armor turns gold in the boss fight against him, a
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Dissidia Final Fantasy I: Descent of Chaos
The Goddess of Harmony, Cosmos and the God of Discord, Chaos, are waging war by summoning champions from other worlds to a new world. The champions are tasked to fight until one of the two gods is victorious, at which point they will be freed to return home, but there's far more to the war than the mortals have been told, and the war isn't as divinely important as they're lead to believe. The game's story reveals that the war between the gods is part of a "Groundhog Day" Loop, with Laser-Guided Amnesia inflicted on the losers before they awaken to fight again after one side loses. Thus the heroes seek to carry out Cosmos's plan to bring about a true end to the cycles and stop the plans of Chaos's warriors to exploit the cycle for their own ends. Bonus storylines reveal the nature of the two gods, how the war came to start, and why.
Playable Characters
The Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy I)
The Black Mage (Final Fantasy I) (Unlockable)
Firion (Final Fantasy II)
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Caius Ballad Tropes
Caius Ballad is the villain representative for Final Fantasy XIII-2 and a Warrior of Chaos.
In the original story Caius was once a l'cie of the Paddra tribe who was given the focus to protect the seeress Yeul and was rewarded by the Goddess  Etro with her immortal Heart of Chaos for his devotion allowing him to live to protect the farseers endless reincarnations. When the timeline shifted Yeul begun to die young from the strain and Caius resolved to destroy time forever allowing her to live together forever with himself.
In the game's story mode, his opposing hero is Lightning.
Voiced by: Hiroshi Shirokuma (Japanese), and Liam O Brien (English)
Badass: He's said to be the strongest rival in the Final Fantasy series! He shows it, too, by owning Shiva with one grab to the face!
BFS: The biggest one in the game.
Blood Knight: He enjoys his occasional battles too much.
Colony Drop: He favours the Meteor spell.
Curtains Match the Window: Has purple eyes and purple hair.
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Abbysal Emperor by JasonEngle Abbysal Emperor :iconjasonengle:JasonEngle 1,948 138 Kim Possible by tatianangfung Kim Possible :icontatianangfung:tatianangfung 707 99 Moonlite by tatianangfung Moonlite :icontatianangfung:tatianangfung 101 7 -- Commission: Talia Vaillencor -- by Kurama-chan -- Commission: Talia Vaillencor -- :iconkurama-chan:Kurama-chan 533 42 Anima Aurora Crysallis by Sovereign000 Anima Aurora Crysallis :iconsovereign000:Sovereign000 31 2 Gwen Stacy by li-jean Gwen Stacy :iconli-jean:li-jean 349 18 Maya Nightingale by nelesia Maya Nightingale :iconnelesia:nelesia 202 48 Lucetta - Dark Crusader by PeterPrime Lucetta - Dark Crusader :iconpeterprime:PeterPrime 117 13 Vidhy and Yatla by Maxa-art Vidhy and Yatla :iconmaxa-art:Maxa-art 190 26 Yatla Portrait by Maxa-art Yatla Portrait :iconmaxa-art:Maxa-art 159 29 The Sister's Smile by Myed89 The Sister's Smile :iconmyed89:Myed89 233 48 Harpeia - Commission by clover-teapot Harpeia - Commission :iconclover-teapot:clover-teapot 449 35 Brenda - Commission by clover-teapot Brenda - Commission :iconclover-teapot:clover-teapot 485 31 Bullet Rose - Commission by clover-teapot Bullet Rose - Commission :iconclover-teapot:clover-teapot 249 21 Myst by Mysteltain08 Myst :iconmysteltain08:Mysteltain08 185 47 Ultron sketch by DanjiDoodle Ultron sketch :icondanjidoodle:DanjiDoodle 200 12



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